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Entry Italy: From 16 May 2021 no quarantine

Ab 16. Mai: Einreise Italien keine Quarantäne.
Die Einreise nach Italien ist ab dem 16. Mai wieder ohne anschließende Quarantäne in Italien möglich. Man muss die Reise allerdings bei der ASL, der italienischen Gesundheitsbehörde für die jeweilige Zielregion anmelden.

As announced by the Italian Embassy in Berlin, as of Sunday, May 16, 2021, the quarantine requirement for entry into Italy by citizens from EU countries will end. From now on, only a negative PCR or antigen test carried out within the last 48 hours before entering Italy will be required. In addition, there is a general obligation to notify the ASL, the Italian health authority for the respective destination region.

Free entry for boat and yacht owners

With this decision, boat and yacht owners can immediately return to Italy to get their boats and yachts ready for the coming summer. The 7-day incidence of Italy is currently (as of 5/15/2021) 83.4, while the 14-day incidence is 194.6. Both parameters have dropped sharply in recent days.

Notice from the Italian Embassy Berlin

This is how it reads on the homepage of the Italian Embassy in Berlin:

Important: as of May 16, people who have stayed only in an EU+ country (or in the United Kingdom or Israel) in the 14 days before entering Italy are no longer subject to quarantine, provided they have a negative test result (the underlying smear must be taken within 48 hours before entering Italy).

Quarantine only for people without proof of testing

Those who do not have proof of testing must observe a 10-day quarantine, followed by testing. Children under 2 years of age are not subject to testing.

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