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Also 2021: Traffic jam at entry Croatia – up to 4 hours waiting time

Einreise Kroatien: Stau an den Grenzen
Auch 2021 insbesondere vor Pfingsten, ist wieder mit Staus an den Grenzübergängen zu Kroatien und längeren Wartezeit bei der Einreise Kroatien zu rechnen.

Obviously, Croatia seems to have much more appeal to vacationers from Germany and Austria than many think, because there is hardly any other way to explain why there were traffic jams at the border crossings from Slovenia to Croatia on May 12, 2021. At the Macelj border crossing alone, the waiting time in the traffic jam amounted to over four hours, which nevertheless caught many Croatia travelers rather unprepared.

Pentecost traffic jams are expected

Even though it is repeatedly reported that there are hardly any delays in entering Croatia because of the Corona entry restrictions, the reality shows a different picture, as SeaHelp members reported: Especially before holidays such as the upcoming Pentecost and on bridge days, traffic jams and considerable traffic volume should be expected again this year.

EnterCroatia: Upload proof of immunization

Against this background, SeaHelp once again explicitly points out to use EnterCroatia and also to pay attention to the new function, which is still slightly hidden in the form (see photo): Entrants already have the option to upload a negative PCR test, a negative antigen rapid test, a vaccination certificate or a certificate of a COVID-19 disease already passed, in order to facilitate the controls when crossing the state border into Croatia and to avoid traffic jams.


EnterCroatia: Upload immunization records
EnterCroatia (the original) now also offers the possibility to upload various immunization certificates to shorten border waiting time and avoid traffic jams.


Cautionary trap: Do not use paid EnterCroatia services!

The real EnterCroatia form is given to inbound travelers here. In the Internet ominous offerers circulate again and again, who make the entry against a fee. This is strongly discouraged, since only the page offered by the Croatian Ministry of the Interior for the travel registration provides the necessary security that the registration is also transmitted properly. And this is additionally also free of charge.

Croatia entry congestion – important links

In addition, SeaHelp on the homepage already last year a collection of links to a post “Congestion when entering Croatia“, under which inbound travelers can reliably inform themselves about the situation at the individual border crossings. They are still valid now.

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