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From 16 to 19 May 2019: Aus Messe Internautica wird Nautica Marina Portoroz

Nautica Marina Portoroz - Picture 1
Anyone planning a short visit to Marina Portoroz, because the traditional "Internautica" should have taken place there from 16 to 19 May 2019, will be taken aback at least when looking at the Internet.

The many well-known Internautica homepage displays an error message – as if the fair no longer existed. But this is not the case: After disagreements with the former organizer, Marina Portoroz continues the fair with only one difference: Internautica became Nautica Marina Portoroz. The fact that the English and German translations were simply forgotten in the hectic pace of the preparations for the fair is probably due to the time pressure of the new organisers.

Of course SeaHelp will be exhibiting again: SeaHelp employees will be on site in the large hall to answer visitors’ questions. Since a SeaHelp emergency boat is stationed in the region, owners in Slovenia also have the opportunity to take advantage of the sea-based breakdown service. A few pictures and a video can be seen here.

At the opening of the fair there was “imperial weather”, as it is so aptly called, and there should also be some hours of sunshine on Friday. Those who want to visit the Nautica Marina Portoroz on Saturday or Sunday should at least have an umbrella in their luggage, because the meteorologists predicted occasional showers. Let’s hope that the weather will not always be according to the weather forecast…

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