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Big damages: Fire in the Marina Punat area

Major fire on the grounds of Marina Punat 2019 picture 2
In Marina Punat, in the area of the “Brodica” dry marina, seven vessels caught fire and were completely destroyed in the early hours of May 16th. Fortunately, nobody was injured.

Marina administration contacted the owners whose vessels were destroyed or damaged. SeaHelp learned that vessels which were in the central part of the Marina, weren’t in an area which would be in any danger from the fire. The investigation is in process and the part of the Marina where the fire had taken place is closed for public.

It is assumed that one of the boat owners was repairing his vessels in the dry marina. Allegedly, he connected the battery to the vessel and left it without supervision. The owner of the vessel slept in his car, only a dozen meters away from the epicenter. He claims that he noticed the fire around 3 a.m. and immediately informed the police and the fire department.

ZIn that moment, already three vessels were burning with full force. Thanks to the quick reaction of the firefighters and marina staff, the damage was successfully reduced to a minimum. Seven vessels burned out completely; some sources cite an even bigger number of damaged vessels. It’s still not determined if other vessels were damaged because of the fire or the extreme heat related to the fire.

Owner whose vessel is the cause of the fire, was taken to interrogation into the competent police station. The exact cause of the fire can only be speculated until the investigation is over. As a common practice in these cases, appraisers and investigators will be consulted and their warrant bill be presented additionally.

By the end of the investigation, additional information will be published, which you can follow on the SeaHelp website. Reminder: there was also a big fire which caught vessels in the area of the dry marina in Marina Punat in 2012. Damages were counted in millions, and because of strong bura, fire spread across almost 20 vessels.

Firefighters of JVP Krk, together with DVD Krk (Punat division) and the Marina staff, participated in extinguishing the fire.

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