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Consumed boat show Italy: Welcome to the 36th NAUTILIA 14.-16.10. and 20.-22.10.2023

NAUTILIA used boat show in Italy
NAUTILIA used boat show in Italy.© Nautilia - Aprilia Marittima

On two weekends in autumn, the used boat fair NAUTILIA opens its doors again. With around 250 inflatable, motor and sailing boats, the fair provides an optimal overview of the range of used boats from owners and boat dealers. The boats can be inspected in detail on pontoons, including the underwater hull. A plus point that creates confidence. In addition to exhibitors of nautical accessories, culinary stands of regional delicacies provide for the physical well-being.

Buying a used boat is a matter of trust

Buying a boat has long since ceased to be a matter of choosing the right boat for one’s needs alone, but rather a cocktail mixed from service, performance and trust. And it is precisely from the desire to serve their customers the best possible cocktail that NAUTILIA, the used boat show in Aprilia Marittima near Lignano, now enters its 36th edition on the weekend of October 14-16.

“Everything for small and medium boats” is the motto of probably the largest used boat show in Central Europe. In the meantime, the fair near Lignano with its approximately 250 exhibited boats is a fixed and indispensable reference point for everyone who travels by boat on the Adriatic. Individual and yet competent – that is the key to safely get a used boat.

Twice a year, in early autumn and at the beginning of the spring season, this used boat show, unique not only in Italy, takes place. It offers interested parties the opportunity to inspect boats on dry land via specially installed docks and to have them evaluated immediately with the help of expert personnel. Osmosis, badly recognizable fouling or damage to the hull and propeller are so immediately recognizable! Thus also beginners can be safe to buy a technically perfect boat and if necessary necessary repairs directly locally by specialists to let accomplish.

Private boat sellers and brokers could register in advance via the NAUTILIA website for a sale and a place in the Marina Aprilia 2000. The registration also includes the entry in the fair catalog and the exhibition in the fairground for the duration of the fair or until the follow-up event “Porte aperte all’usato” in March of the following year.


Sailboats on the Nautilia in Italy
Used boats at NAUTILIA© Aprilia Marittima


The NAUTILIA used boat show in Italy on the rise

Organizers Nicola Toso and Stefano Rettondini are sure: “Under the good omens of the last edition, this year we expect an increase of interested parties, also in view of the certainty that the access channel to Aprilia will be regularly dredged in the next three years, so that the depth in the channel will increase to 3.50 meters by 2024, facilitating the arrival of new boats.”

In addition to the fact that this year again Aprilia Marittima has secured one of the coveted blue flags of the F.E.E. for outstanding commitment to environmental protection – as, incidentally, did 11 other marinas from the FVG Marinas network – this award is another plus for the organizers.

Special offers and the right insurance

Upcycling and boat care are as much a part of the fair’s offerings as boating accessories or nautical apparel. At the latest with the inevitably tasty regionally typical food and beverage booths on the NAUTILIA then also non-boaters become fündig. And if you want to insure your new used boat safely, just drop by the SeaHelp office.

So welcome to the 36th edition of NAUTILIA in Aprilia Marittima di Latisana on the weekends 14.10. to 16.10.2023 and 20.10. to 22.10.2023.

Further information:

via del Coregolo 19
LATISANA loc.Aprilia (UD)
Tel.+39 0431 53146 |

Exhibition opening hours: from 10 AM to 18 PM


NAUTILIA 2023 used boat show in Italy
NAUTILIA 2023 used boat show in Italy
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