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Northman 1200 Electric with LiFePO4 batteries

Natural Yachts is the name of a small family business from the Dutch town of Marknesse near Vollenhove in the province of Flevoland, which charters and sells motor and sailing yachts up to 12 meters in length. The special feature: all boats run purely electrically, and: instead of conventional lithium-ion batteries, the innovative company installs accumulators based on lithium iron...

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Transport boat on trailer: Rules, regulations and rules.

If you set off from your home country towards the sea with your trailer boat, you must observe a number of regulations for larger combinations - otherwise you could face severe penalties. The regulations for the trailer transport of boats vary from country to country. For a better overview we have summarized some information from Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and...

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Part 1: Trailering, but the right way!

The new boating season has long since begun. Many owners trailer their floating vessel themselves to the mooring or to their vacation destination. This has many advantages, for example, you are much more flexible when planning your trip. But before the boat is loaded piggyback onto the trailer and hitched up, the trailer captain should familiarize himself with the special...

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Meros yacht sharing - 95 Yacht

The largest yacht at the just-concluded boot 2023 in Düsseldorf was a 95 yacht from Sunseeker. If you want to experience that superyacht feeling for yourself without buying the whole yacht, simply purchase a share in the 28.06-meter Beauty - sharing is cheaper, has many advantages - and is trendy. SeaHelp explains how it works. Sharing is in trend, no...

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MAN Smart HYBRID Experience with V12

A future-oriented drive solution for yachts was recently presented by engine manufacturer MAN: The so-called Smart Hybrid Experience is intended to offer the advantages of a conventional drive and expand them with the modern possibilities of electric motors and batteries. In addition to increasing efficiency and range, noise emissions should thus be reduced to zero; moreover, the battery-electric operation of...

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Betrug bei Verkauf / Kauf von Boot und Yacht

Who would like to buy a yacht, is well advised to secure itself, otherwise a bad surprise could threaten. But also who wants to sell his used yacht, should look carefully, with whom he gets involved: a SeaHelp member informed the editorial staff about a criminal scam of alleged boat buyers - who are actually but not at all about...

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