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SeaHelp members save 15 per cent: Boat tarpaulin cleaning and impregnation by a professional

SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH - the specialist for boat tarpaulins

Many boat owners are familiar with the problem: algae, dirt, mould stains or mildew can affect the boat cover or bimini after a while, not only impairing the appearance and cleanliness of the fabrics, but also shortening their service life. SeaHelp members who have their tarpaulins cleaned or impregnated by cooperation partner SCM Shading Cleaners in Feldkirchen will save 15 percent with immediate effect.

Soiled boat tarpaulins are now a thing of the past: the company SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH (SCM) from Feldkirchen an der Donau specialises in cleaning and impregnating all tarpaulins and biminis on board.

Sewing and repair work is also carried out quickly and professionally. And if you don’t need your tarpaulins at the moment, you can also have them professionally stored at SCM. The motto of the Upper Austrians is: “cleaning your boat tarpaulin or boat cover not only improves the appearance of the boat, but also extends the life of the tarpaulin”.



SCM from Feldkirchen specialises in the cleaning and impregnation of all tarpaulins and biminis on board

What’s more, professional impregnation also guarantees the tightness of all textile and plastic covers on a boat; SCM can also quickly and professionally clean and seal caravan and mobile home canopies and tents.

And this is how it works: the customer dismantles their boat cover or tarpaulin and brings it to SCM, Gewerbepark Ost 15, in A-4101 Feldkirchen an der Donau, by prior arrangement. Shipping to the specified address by post, courier service or haulage company is also possible. After cleaning, impregnation or repair, the goods will be returned quickly.


SCM - Dry boat cover


According to SCM, cleaning and impregnation is recommended “every two to three years”; in this way, an “environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-effective extension of the durability of the cover and protective tarpaulins can be achieved”.



SeaHelp is now a cooperation partner of SCM, regardless of whether it is Austria, Croatia or Italy

SeaHelp is now a cooperation partner of SCM, regardless of whether it is Austria, Croatia or Italy. This means: for Sea-Help members, SCM grants a special discount of 15 per cent on the official list prices.

Example: cleaning (PVC and textile material) currently costs 20 euros / square metre, impregnation (only for textile materials) is offered from 7.20 euros / square metre, and storage of the tarpaulin or tarpaulin cover is available at the same price.

From autumn 2024, an annual collection service – at the end and start of the season – will be offered in Croatia and Italy, subject to demand.



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SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH



SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH
Industrial Park East 15
4101 Feldkirchen | Austria

Tel: +43 (0) 676 604 9 604

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