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FAQ Croatia Holidays in Corona times: What is to be considered?

Croatia holidays in times of Corona (Covid-19)
The question most frequently asked by callers at the moment is: "Should one currently go to Croatia because of the current corona situation? SeaHelp has the answer.

In the SeaHelp headquarters in Ebensee/Austria and in the office in Punat/Croatia/Krk, the telephones are not currently idle due to the corona situation in Croatia. Concerned members are asking for an assessment of the situation to see if it is possible for SeaHelp to spend the summer vacation in Croatia or on the Adriatic Sea. Ultimately, even SeaHelp can only venture a glimpse into the crystal ball, as the development of the corona pandemic is difficult to predict. But ultimately one thing is certain: SeaHelp is following the epidemiological situation in Croatia, Slovenia and northern Italy fairly closely. If something serious changes there, we will use our communication channels such as the Internet (homepage and Facebook) or the SeaHelp app to try to give our members a timely warning.

Here is a summary of the topics that we receive from concerned members again and again. The SeaHelp assessment is based on the current state of facts, so much can be said to be restrictive.

Border closure Slovenia in case of deteriorating COVID-19 situation ?

Many members express their concern that Slovenia may close the borders again. Based on the development so far, we do not consider a complete closure of the border to be possible in view of the pan-European COVID-19 situation; in our opinion, transit will always be possible.

Border closure Austria in case of deterioration of the corona situation ?

Austria will continue to allow transit for transiting persons in any case, even if the situation worsens. This is how Austria has handled it recently, and this is how it will continue to handle it, according to information received so far.

quarantine for Austrians on return ?

As the COVID-19 pandemic progressed, most European countries came to the conclusion that quarantine and further measures would not be effective, not least for economic reasons. Instead, it has been agreed that local epidemiological measures should also be implemented at local corona hotspots. It is unlikely that other EU countries, especially Croatia or Slovenia, will be placed under a general suspicion of being the source of corona infection. Nevertheless, it is advisable to keep an eye on the development of new COVID-19 infections in holiday countries.

Quarantine for Germans on return ?

What applies to Austria ultimately also applies to Germany. At present, we do not expect Germany to have a quarantine regulation for Croatian returnees again. After all, there was no such measure for the party-happy tourists on Mallorca in the area of the beer and ham route, although such steps could have been justified here due to Corona.

Can I still take the ferry from the Croatian islands?

Should there be a new outbreak of COVID-19 (corona) diseases caused by sars-CoV-2 in Croatia, the state is certainly primarily interested in relieving the burden on its own health system. For this purpose, according to general opinion, tourists are probably first of all asked to leave the country or town directly, so that they do not block resources in Croatia, such as intensive care beds, which are necessary in case of emergency. No Croatian politician could afford to leave in Croatia tourists who are awaiting excellent medical care in their home countries and give them preference over their own people.

SeaHelp cooperation with German speaking doctors

Whoever spends his holiday in Croatia despite – or even because of the pandemic, at best still on a yacht, should be protected as far as possible. If there are still any doubts in any form: Due to the SeaHelp-Kooperation with the KIRT Steiermark there is always the possibility for holders of the Premium Pass to contact a doctor by telephone free of charge.

Croatia: registration of holidaymakers

The Croatian state also protects itself in case there is a large number of new infections locally. When entering the country, the telephone number and destination of the holiday stay are recorded, so that accessibility should be guaranteed in any case. Pre-registration on “Enter Croatia

Last, but not least

With eight bases in Croatia, there is always a SeaHelp crew nearby in case of an emergency, which not only literally has an ear to the current events in the coastal regions of Croatia, but also supports the members with advice and action.

SeaHelp bases in the Adriatic

The portal travel blog7 reported today that with currently only 24 active Corona cases Istria would be in fourth place in the Austrian state comparison behind Vorarlberg (5), Burgenland (18) and Carinthia (17).

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