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Vacation: Packing, but properly - tips for long-distance travel and boat vacationers

2023 it goes to Corona again for many vacationers in the distance. A packing list facilitates the vacation preparation immensely, and it helps to avoid unnecessary stress. Especially long-distance trips, but also trips with a boat or yacht, require a little more thought when packing. SeaHelp gives tips for all long-distance travel and boat newcomers, what absolutely belongs in the...

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Destination for sailing in winter: Martinique - Damond Rock

During the winter season, when sailing is scarce, many water sports enthusiasts are drawn south. Especially over the Christmas holidays and the turn of the year there are great alternatives to snow and cologne. It's not only in the Caribbean that summer temperatures, turquoise waters and romantic anchor bays beckon. But worthwhile destinations for maritime weekend trips don't have to...

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