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Datacol: First aid for contaminated fuel tanks

Datacol - Datafuel Plus: First aid for contaminated fuel tanks
In order to reduce pollution by diesel engines, it is nowadays allowed by law, to add biodiesel to the fuel and thus minimize the quantity of sulfur (excellent lubricant) in it.

By adding biodiesel and so decreasing the quantity of sulfur the fuel is becoming less polluting. However, this can create problems in the fuel supply system and injectors.

Biodiesel causes moisture in the tank, moisture in the fuel and the abrupt changes in the temperature marine tanks are exposed to help create an ideal breeding ground for the „diesel plague“, the growth and thriving of algae in the tank. Algae can cause fuel filter plugging resulting in engine failure right in the middle of the sea; an unpleasant adventure we don’t desire to anyone!

This is why it is so important to occasionally control the fuel quality in the tank.

A pump delivers much more fuel from the tank than the amount which is injected into the combustion chamber and needed to run the engine. This large quantity of fuel is used for cooling the injectors and is returned into the tank at the temperature of about 70°C causing additional condensation and boosting the growth of algae. Furthermore, the moisure in the tank in contact with sulfur present in the fuel causes „rusting“, and the rust after certain time starts clogging the injectors. All this results in poor fuel dispersion as well as higher fuel consumption. In the worst of the cases the sediments can cause failure of the injectors; the rust decreases lubrication, causes oxidation and reduces the quality of the fuel.

In order to avoid and prevent such problems we strongly recommend the use of Datacol Diesel Cleaner twice a year, in spring and autumn respectivelly. Datacol additive cleans and lubricates the system and the injectors, eliminates moisture from the tank and prevents the proliferation of algae. If the problem of contamination already exists, Datacol offers you, through its innovative system TCS, a cleaning treatment of the tank and restoration of fuel economy.

Datacol „Tank Cleaning System (TCS) Datacol Tank Cleaning System (TCS) is an absolute novelty in the field of cleaning tanks from algae, water and other impurities with which we’ve rounded up the story of prevention, care and cleaning of the fuel injection system and completed our line Energy Projec!

So, we can now offer a solution when contamination is not in the initial stage, but has progressed, creating substantial deposits on the inner surface of the tank.

So, we can now offer a solution when contamination is not in the initial stage, but has progressed, creating substantial deposits on the inner surface of the tank. The device in combination with special chemicals has the fuel re-circulation capacity by separating water and dirt from the fuel tank which often clogs the filters while you navigate. The result and the shutdown of the engine, especially during rough seas when the engine is of extreme importance! It works on the principle of centrifugal separation of water and impurities from the fuel with a filtration of 5 microns!

After the treatment you obtained the optimal situation in the tank. You keep the tank clean using during maintenance intervals the additive Datacol FUELDAT.

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