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Entry Italy: With PCR/antigen test or in urgent cases for less than 5 days without test.

Entry Italy: PCR / Antigen Test
Even if there are no controls on the freeway at the Italian/Austrian border, controls can lurk in the respective districts when entering Italy. If you then can not show all the documents, there are hefty penalties.

Those who are currently planning to travel to Italy can hardly find their way through the jungle of national and regional regulations regarding entry into Italy. The SeaHelp editors asked specifically at the Italian embassy, even here it seemed to have capitulated in view of the complexity of the regulations: “Take a PCR test, not older than 48 hours with and fill out the entry declaration”, it said there.

Antigen test or PCR test plus entry declaration Italy

If one investigates however somewhat further, one determines: Also the clearly more inexpensive antigen test is sufficient for an Italy stay. However, it is essential to fill out the entry declaration. Here is the version in German language, which can be used as a completion aid for the Italian version, published: Filling help German.

The formally correct version, which must be used everywhere in Italy outside South Tyrol, written in the national language, can be found here: Italian version.

Watch out for appropriate zones when traveling

Entry into Italy is always possible for EU citizens under these conditions, at least in theory. In addition, one should definitely still pay attention to the destination area: It is generally forbidden, even if one is in possession of the necessary papers, to enter “orange” or “redregions. However, since the situation can change constantly, it is advisable to take a look at the Internet page of the Italian Embassy in Berlin, which is constantly updated in terms of content regarding the “prohibited regions“.

Friuli Venezia Giulia (Lignano region) without problems

If the region is marked neither red nor orange, such as the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region (yellow), there is actually nothing to prevent you from traveling if you carry the appropriate papers and follow the locally applicable regulations.

Without testing only in confirmed urgent cases

The PCR or antigen test may be waived under certain circumstances if one is staying in Italy for less than five days (120 hours) and entry is necessary for professional reasons or in an emergency. Whether, for example, the inspection of a yacht after a storm or high water actually constitutes an emergency within the meaning of this regulation is ultimately at the discretion of the intervening local official. The Italian embassy advised to contact the responsible prefecture beforehand and to have the reason confirmed in writing (!) as an emergency or urgent reason. Then there would be no difficulties with controls.

SeaHelp requests authorities’ opinion

A SeaHelp inquiry to the responsible authorities in the area of Lignano, what is a valid reason according to the authorities, has not yet been answered. Once the answer is available, the post will be updated. (Don’t miss News from SeaHelp? About Twitter you always stay up to date!) We point out, however, that the entry requirements can change at any time and recommend checking the relevant links again before traveling.

Transit through Italy possible

Transit through Italy is possible at any time, for example to travel to Slovenia or Italy.

Testing facilities near Lignano

About 20 minutes by car from Lignano, there is a Corona testing possibility (PCR) in a testing center in Bibione in the Bibione Terme. Here one receives within half an hour, as from unconfirmed reports of first tested persons, already a result in writing. The cost is said to be in the range of 40 euros per test.

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