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SeaHelp request for entry into Croatia: Control visits of boat owners as a business trip without PCR test possible.

Entry Croatia: As a business traveler to the boat without PCR Tes
An inspection visit to one's boat or property in Croatia can be done without a PCR test in Croatia with proper justification, such as possible repairs after the winter storms.

Boat owners and property owners who wanted to inspect their properties in Croatia after the winter storms previously had to at the Croatian border upon entry, a negative PCR-. Test (no older than 48 hours) present or perform a PCR test in Croatia and be quarantined in Croatia until a negative result is received. SeaHelp, in order to address the legitimate interests of its members, has again specifically inquired with the Croatian Ministry of Interior. It was confirmed in writing that no PCR test is required upon entry if you currently want to check on your property in Croatia to order repairs in case of any damage. SeaHelp provides the original confirmation in English for download, it can be shown at the border.

Here is the SeaHelp request in exact wording:.

At SeaHelp again and again boat and yacht owners from Germany and Austria report, which would like to travel in particular after the winter storms gladly to their boats resident in Croatian marinas or on Croatian territory standing real estate, in order to control whether there damage occurred, which must be urgently repaired. Such a thing is then in most cases by commissioning Croatian craftsmen or technicians..

It can be assumed that these people strictly observe the Corona rules and avoid social gatherings to protect themselves and others from infection. This is also likely to be known in Croatian government circles, as boat owners and property owners were the first to be allowed back into the country after the border was closed in the spring.

Here’s the specific question: Will trips by boat owners and property owners to Croatia also be treated as business trips if they are for the purpose of inspecting their property in Croatia in order to commission repairs by Croatian companies if necessary? These individuals would provide additional identification at the border by showing a mooring contract for their boat or proof of real estate ownership. Please keep in mind: Their home countries of Germany and Austria generally have more favorable new coronavirus infections than Croatia.

The answer of the Croatian Ministry of Interior came surprisingly fast:.

Regarding your request, we would like to inform you that the described reason for entering the Republic of Croatia can be considered an urgent personal reason for the persons you mention in the request and if they come from EU member states, due to the need for urgent repair of the property or vessel.

It is also possible to treat their entry into the Republic of Croatia as a business visit, if there is already an agreement between the ship owner and the shipyard/service regarding the repair.

In both cases, a PCR test result for SARS-CoV-2 is not required. It is required to provide credible documentation showing the stated purpose of arrival..

In case these persons come from third countries, they are required to present a negative PCR test result for SARS-CoV-2 not older than 48 hours upon entry into the Republic of Croatia, regardless of their nationality (calculated from taking the swab to arrival at the border crossing point), or have the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 performed immediately upon arrival in the Republic of Croatia (at their own expense), with the obligation to self-isolate until a negative test result is received.

Here the answer of the Croatian Ministry of Interior in the original wording for download.

Written evidence for entry into Croatia

SeaHelp recommends printing out this response letter and carrying it with you to hand to Croatian border officials upon request at the Slovenian-Croatian border. In addition, you should carry at least a copy of the mooring contract or, in case of real estate ownership, a copy of the respective land register extract. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the MUP opinion will be followed at the border, but first SeaHelp members report that they were not asked for a PCR test upon entry. According to the Croatian Ministry of the Interior, however, depending on the personal reasons, one should have sufficiently justified in writing one’s motives for a business trip.

Don’t forgetEnterCroatia

And, of course, one should also book the Croatia trip via entercroatia in advance.

Registration upon entry into Austria

Unfortunately, this does not exempt the measures that currently apply in Austria or Germany when entering the country: Starting Friday, a regulation will go into effect in Austria that requires prior registration when entering Austria (even for Austrians). It is reported that people will not be able to clear themselves until five days after returning from a risk area.

On our own

A SeaHelp member told the editorial staff about a positively decided individual request to the Croatian Ministry of the Interior. Thereupon SeaHelp immediately inquired for all interested skippers and received the above decision, which will surely make the inspection visit to their boat in Croatia easier for many members. If you, as our reader, would also like to express further wishes or suggestions that you would like to share with the large SeaHelp community, we always have an open ear for this and will use our connections and possibilities for the good of the entire SeaHelp community.





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