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Final spurt at Europe’s largest used boat exhibition: Nautilia in Lignano auf der Zielgeraden

Nautilia in Lignano
If you are still thinking about buying another boat at the end of this year's water sports season, you should add a trip to the Nautilia in Lignano to your diary. The 31st edition of the used boat fair, which is particularly popular with insiders, will be held from 19 to 21 October 2018 and will offer the opportunity to get hold of one or two bargains among the almost 300 exhibits waiting for a new owner in the Aprilia Marittima marine complex (Lignano).

The success story of the Nautilia began 31 years ago, when someone had the idea of providing a platform for the owners willing to sell their ships directly. In the meantime, most owners leave this business to professional brokers, who this year offer more than 250 pre-owned boats suitably dressed up. In addition 20 boats from private sellers will join them.

Marina manager Davide Muser: “If you have the appropriate motivation to buy a boat, you will certainly come to the conclusion here”. No wonder, as between 30% and 50% of the boats change owners either directly at the fair or in the following months. Especially interesting for potential buyers: Due to the direct possibility to compare different objects on site, buyers often have the agony of choice and with some negotiation skills the yacht, which is actually financially unattainable, can be sold quickly and easily at acceptable conditions.

Offered are boats from 5 to 24 meters, the main focus is on the category between 12 and 16 meters. Or expressed in Euro: Both small inflatable boats and large yachts worth millions are for sale. The catchment area is no longer limited to the regions of Carinthia, Styria, Vienna and southern Bavaria, but also to the entire surrounding regions. The Nautilia has long since found its firm place in the annual trade fair calendar.

And by the way: SeaHelp, the nautical breakdown service, which is represented with a base in the Marina Capo Nord, is of course also among the exhibitors. Thus, SeaHelp membership can be purchased together with the new ship. After all, better safe than sorry.

SeaHelp Videos from Lignano:

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