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Storm of the century in Croatia and Italy: Marinas flooded – boats damaged

Storm of the century in Croatia and Italy: Marinas flooded – boats damaged
The Adriatic region has been hit by hurricane-like autumn storms and heavy rains in recent days. Dubrovnik and Zadar struggled with record-breaking rainfall that hit the region in a few hours. At the same time the Yugo pushed the water towards the mainland. Motorways were blocked around Rijeka, the old coastal road was partially no longer passable. The ferry traffic to the islands came to a temporary halt.

Thankfully, the severe weather warnings reached the few water sportsmen in time, so that, according to initial findings, all could start a safe haven, but even here there were still damages to complain.

A SeaHelp employee: “The force of the storm, which drove the waves to land, was so strong that many marinas were flooded.” How high the damage ultimately is, will probably show only a detailed inventory in the coming days.

Century storm in Croatia
Also in the Istrian Porec, the water reached up to the edge of the quay wall.

Much worse it hit the Italian coast. Here storms raged with such violence that even megayachts were driven ashore. Pictures of a “cemetery of luxury yachts” are already circulating in the Italian media, some of them floating off the coast. The northern Italian SeaHelp base Lignano also reported some “land under”, but here the damage was still limited.

If you want to get an idea of the extent of the storm in Croatia and Italy, you should seek the SeaHelp area guide. SeaHelp employees have already captured initial videos of the magnitude and consequences of the storm of the century. You will probably be able to read more about this topic in the next few days.

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