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More concessions for boat filling stations: Will there soon be more operating filling stations in Croatia?

Boat refueling stations Croatia: INA to receive new concessions.

We already reported on a “Bermuda Triangle” for fuel customers here on 29.3.2024: The reason for this was that many boat filling stations in Croatia had recently been closed or demolished. Now relief is in sight.

In the above-mentioned article, we outlined the (still ongoing) refueling situation for sports skippers as follows: due to the closure of the boat filling station in Novalja and another boat filling station in the Mali Losinj area, there is virtually no possibility of filling up with petrol or diesel between the two islands of Rab and Cres down to Zadar.

Specifically: the INA filling station in Crikvenica is currently closed for boats; the boat filling station in Novalja on the island of Pag has been dismantled – so there is no longer a boat filling station on Pag.

Anyone stranded here in the past with an almost empty tank has so far only had the option of heading 15 nautical miles north towards Rab, taking a 25-nautical-mile route towards Mali Losinj or hoping that the tank contents will last for the approx. 32 nautical miles to Zadar.

The tense fuel situation for sports skippers could change for the better in the near future thanks to the new concessions

This – currently very tense – situation could now ease somewhat in the coming weeks and months, at least if has its way. The news site reported on June 13 that the company is to receive new concessions for the operation of filling stations in the maritime sector.

Specifically, the report states that the government has decided to grant “INA concessions for the use of petrol stations in the maritime sector for a limited period of five years with a fixed and variable part of the fee”.

The concessions to INA would be granted in order to “protect the interests and safety of the fuel supply infrastructure for the economic use of existing filling stations in the maritime sector”, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković is quoted as saying in the article.

The changes relate to a total of five petrol stations and are planned for a period of five years

The changes relate to the petrol stations Bol, Crikvenica obala, Dubrovnik Orsan, Korčula Dominče, Uble Island Lastovo, Mali Lošinj obala and Rogač Šolta. The total area of the maritime area to be awarded to INA as a concession is 16,318 square meters for a period of five years.

The permanent part of the concession fee amounts to five euros per year per square meter of total area occupied, which corresponds to 81,590 euros. The variable part of this fee amounts to 4.5 percent of the revenue generated in the concession area, Butković said.

At the INA (Industrija nafte) is a medium-sized European petroleum company that claims to play a leading role in the oil business in Croatia and a significant role in the region in oil and gas exploration and production, oil refining and the distribution of oil and petroleum products.

INA, which was founded on December 31, 1963 under the name Oil and Gas Combine through the merger of Naftaplin Zagreb with refineries in Rijeka and Sisak, is a joint stock company whose largest shareholders are the oil company MOL and the Republic of Croatia.

According to INA, it currently manages a regional network of more than 500 retail outlets in Croatia and neighboring countries.

With the free SeaHelp app, you can easily find out which boat filling station is open or not

Another positive piece of news for sports skippers who are already traveling in Croatia is that the boat refueling station in the marina D-Marin Dalmacija (Sukošan) is open again (daily 8 am – 8 pm).


D-Marin Dalmacija: Entrance to the gas station
D-Marin Dalmacija | Photo: D-Marin


By the way: with the free SeaHelp app, you can easily find out which filling station is open or not: the practical application not only lists the respective bunker stations, but also provides a current telephone number for each boat filling station. This means you can find out the exact opening times before you set off and avoid any nasty surprises.

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