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Croatia holidaymakers, watch out: Since last year, you can no longer store everywhere on Sundays on the Adriatic coast

If you want to go shopping on your summer vacation in Croatia, you should familiarize yourself with the new Sunday opening ban beforehand. The reason: a new regulation for stores on the Adriatic coast came into force in July last year. Public institutions and stores remain closed on important national holidays anyway.

Croatia is a dream destination for many vacationers. Many German-speaking tourists consider the country on the Adriatic to be one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. But for some time now, many holidaymakers have been asking themselves: are the stores open on Sundays or not?

The reason for the uncertainty is the so-called Sunday opening ban, which has been in force since July 2023. At the request of the Croatian government, store opening hours on Sundays and public holidays were to be restricted. Since then, stores have only been allowed to open on a total of 16 Sundays a year.

With the Sunday opening ban, retailers can decide for themselves when they open for their customers – or not

The problem: retailers can choose the Sundays on which they want to work – i.e. open their stores to customers – or not. This makes it almost impossible for holidaymakers to know for sure in advance which stores will be open and when.

There’s only one thing to do: check the opening hours of the businesses on their websites beforehand.

The good news is that there are many exceptions to this rule. At least that’s what Merkur reports, which in turn refers to Croatian media. According to this, during the summer tourist season, stores and shopping centers on the coast are allowed to remain open on Sundays throughout the summer.

There are many exceptions to the general ban on Sunday opening

Stores at train stations, bus stations and airports, petrol stations, campsites, hospitals, hotels and cultural institutions are exempt from the general ban on Sunday opening.

Interesting for sports skippers in particular: ports, marinas and yacht harbors may also continue to open without restrictions. It is up to the management to decide whether the stores here adhere to the ban.

According to Merkur, kiosks and the sale of farm products at markets are generally exempt from the Sunday opening ban in Croatia. However, there are no exceptions for bakeries and flower stores at markets.

Public institutions and many stores remain closed on important national holidays anyway

Good to know: on important country-specific public holidays, public institutions and many stores are closed anyway.

In the season (from May to September), these include: May 1 – Labor Day, May 30 – National Day, Corpus Christi – floating holiday, June 22 – Anti-Fascist Struggle Day, August 5 – Siege War and Homeland Gratitude Day and Croatian Defenders Day, and August 15 – Assumption Day.

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