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Hope for the 2021 water sports season despite Corona: Germany plans to lift the quarantine regulation for travel returnees.

Germany plans to lift quarantine for travelers returning home
Anyone traveling to a coronavirus risk area will probably soon no longer have to go into quarantine. This will take enormous financial pressure off the travel industry.

The quarantine obligation for travelers returning from Corona risk areas could soon be lifted, according to German media reports. For entries from the Schengen area and presumably also from the EU, from 2021 it should be sufficient to present a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of immunity to the health office no later than 72 hours after re-entry from a risk area. If these plans become a reality, Croatia travel can resume even under Corona conditions.

No quarantine for vaccinated travel returnees.

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire, says a proverb. If such a draft, which has already been reported by various media, is deliberately launched to the public, there is probably also a real background behind it. The fact is: In many European countries, people are not yet completely convinced about vaccination against the coronavirus. Of course, the “candy” that anyone who wants to travel to Corona risk areas should get vaccinated beforehand would not change the minds of the majority of those who are opposed to vaccination, but it could ultimately persuade them to get vaccinated against the Corona virus.

No quarantine with immunity confirmation

In addition, the number of people in Germany and Austria who have already contracted COVID-19 is increasing. For these persons, too, further measures would hardly be recommended – to burden them additionally with a PCR test or antigen test would hardly be purposeful in the totality of epidemiological measures. Confirmation of immunity should suffice here.

Last resort: Coronal test up to 72 hours after return

However, for those who do not wish to be vaccinated and have not yet experienced coronavirus disease, there is still the option of being tested within 72 hours of returning from a trip.

Follow-up would be ensured

If such a regulation were to be approved by the Bundestag, however, the German health authorities would have a lot more work to do. The travel notifications of individual travelers returning from coronavirus risk areas would have to be forwarded to the locally responsible health offices, which in turn would be able to compare the data and monitor deadlines, and then take action if necessary. With the abandonment of the classic fax, which can still be found in many offices in Germany, this should not be a problem.

Travel industry on the upswing following the abolition of the quarantine obligation

After all, the travel industry is effectively on the ground. Lufthansa received billions in taxpayer subsidies, but had to lay off employees despite all this. Tour operators and travel agencies have their backs to the wall financially. If the tourism sector were at least partially revived by withdrawing the quarantine obligation after returning from risk areas, this would be an important step toward normality.

Christmas surprise for owners and charter guests

Since one may assume that Austria will also join the German measures, this would also be a nice pre-Christmas surprise for the countless water sports enthusiasts and charter guests whose destinations or boats and yachts are located on the Adriatic.

Win-win situation

Mind you, so far everything could only be written in the subjunctive, but it seems to be more than pure speculation, which – possibly purposefully – has already leaked out there to test first reactions. For health ministries, the tourism industry, but also the countries dependent on tourism, a win-win situation is created: Travel without quarantine only with vaccination! And if things go quickly, this could also save parts of the ski season in Austria.

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