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Entry without quarantine to Austria from Croatia

Update: 31.05.2021 at 8PM: Faster than thought: From June 1, the quarantine is no longer required when entering Austria from Croatia. See current SeaHelp article! The time has finally come: as announced by the Austrian government on May 28, 2021, as part of the general relaxations, entry into Austria, for example, from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy will soon be possible...

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Entry Germany: If Croatia is downgraded, quarantine on return could be omitted

For German vacationers, boat and yacht owners as well as charter guests a journey to Croatia over Whitsun without subsequent quarantine after entry into Germany might come within reach. As the SeaHelp editorship from usually well informed, the individual responsible ministries close circles learned, Germany plans to downgrade Croatia still this week from the high incidence area to the risk...

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Exit Croatia: Penalties for non-compliance with quarantine and PCR test regulation

In the SeaHelp editorial office the hints of the members are currently accumulating to the effect that business travelers who enter Croatia without a PCR test in order to make an important appointment there, for example the commissioning of a repair for their yacht that cannot be postponed, are initially not correctly recorded as business travelers in the data system...

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Open Letter to the Austrian Federal Government

Anyone heading to Croatia at the moment really has to have a good reason for doing so, because with temperatures sometimes around freezing point, snow-covered roads in the hinterland, closed restaurants and at times quite annoying border controls, hardly anyone would think of spending a fun, sociable vacation there. But precisely because in the winter months in the Adriatic Jugo...

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Germany plans to lift quarantine for travelers returning home

The quarantine obligation for travelers returning from Corona risk areas could soon be lifted, according to German media reports. For entries from the Schengen area and presumably also from the EU, from 2021 it should be sufficient to present a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of immunity to the health office no later than 72 hours after...

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Quarantine regulation tilted by court: Higher Administrative Court Münster

Quarantine regulation tilted: A German travel returnee from Bielefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia has filed a complaint against the quarantine obligation when returning from a corona risk area and was granted justice before the Higher Administrative Court in Münster. The decision is not contestable. His argument: since the value of new infections within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants in his vacation...

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