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For SeaHelp members: Free entrance to the boot Düsseldorf if you solve the “Bay puzzle”

Free entry to boot Düsseldorf if you solve the bay puzzle
A visit to the SeaHelp booth at the 50th boot Düsseldorf is always worthwhile, because here SeaHelp members and interested parties can take a short break from the stress of the fair in a pleasant atmosphere.

But on the occasion of the anniversary fair – half a century of boot Düsseldorf – there is also something to win. At the SeaHelp bay puzzle, all visitors to the fair can not only prove their knowledge of the area, but also win valuable material prizes, including some Garmin fitness watches. However, it is recommended that you study the SeaHelp area guide beforehand: Participants must identify five bays in a multiple choice procedure and determine a location on a Garmin plotter. The winners will be drawn publicly and notified on the last day of the show. Of course, SeaHelp will also send the prizes to their home address if they cannot be present in person. Whoever answers correctly will win in any case: SeaHelp will reimburse all members who have chosen the correct answers by deducting the entrance fee directly from the amount to be paid at the next direct debit. Only the value of one ticket (for one day of the fair) can be charged per membership.

It is also an advantage to have your own boat data available at the fair. Employees of SeaHelp-Insurance submit insurance offers for the respective boats free of charge and without obligation. On average, these offers are significantly lower than the usual market conditions, as the SeaHelp Insurance principle applies here: Prevent damage before it occurs. The SeaHelp emergency services usually intervene quickly, so that the damage is kept as low as possible at the scene of the accident. If further action is then taken immediately and unbureaucratically, expensive consequential damage is often not incurred.

This reduces the total volume of claims for all SeaHelp insured and thus ultimately also the prize.

A very special highlight awaits visitors to the SeaHelp booth this year: DJI, with over 6,000 employees one of the world’s largest manufacturers of copters, also known colloquially as drones, will present its products, which are already highly regarded by the film industry, agriculture, nature conservation, search and rescue services and of course private users, at the SeaHelp booth via the German distributor Solectric. What is possible in the air will also be possible under water in the future: With the Gladius Mini, Solectric is showing a small, handy drone that allows pin-sharp images and videos to be brought to the surface from a water depth of almost 100 meters. For exploring the underwater world, but also for checking the anchor buoys or the underwater ship and propellers a very good tool, which will probably make water sports even more exciting in the future.

Here it goes already times into the “training camp” for the bay puzzle:

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