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SeaHelp: Membership renews automatically, change requests can easily be submitted by email or telephone

SeaHelp: Renew, change or customize your membership
SeaHelp membership card in the SeaHelp app.

SeaHelp, the leading organization providing breakdown assistance and other services for European pleasure craft on the water since 2005, offers its members comprehensive all-round cover for almost any problem that a skipper and his crew may encounter. Members can easily manage their membership by email or telephone and their membership card is renewed automatically.

Whether it’s towing or launching assistance, fuel service, spare parts deliveries, towing free in the event of slight grounding, freeing lines in the propeller, passenger transport, weather and area advice or telephone support in medical emergencies – SeaHelp’s nautical breakdown service is available to its members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing reliable and fast advice and assistance.

If, despite careful preparation, something should happen on a trip: “No problem”, says Wolfgang Dauser, the SeaHelp emergency call app can be used to inform the operations center “quickly, easily and reliably”, even “if things get hectic on board”. “SeaHelp offers various customized memberships”, says the SeaHelp Managing Director, so there is “the right solution for every skipper”.


SeaHelp Mitgliedschaft


Potential SeaHelp members can easily calculate their own contribution online

Interested parties can calculate their individual membership fee in a simple, transparent and easy-to-understand way by specifying the boat size (not necessary for the Charter Pass) and the area as well as the desired free services “just in case”.

The Charter Pass offers membership for charter trips for a limited period of 14 days. In addition to the journey to the scene of the accident, towing to the nearest workshop or crane (if necessary), external power starting assistance, towing free in the event of slight grounding, freeing lines in the propeller and fuel service up to 20 liters, it also includes sound weather and area advice, passenger transport, the SeaHelp benefits partner program and German/Croatian language support.

The standard pass is valid for one year for the boat/yacht specified on registration, regardless of who is ultimately at the helm as skipper. The benefits of the above-mentioned charter pass are included, and members can also benefit from the premium & cover benefits of yacht insurance with SeaHelp Insurance Broker GmbH.

The most comprehensive membership is the Premium Pass

The Smart Pass includes the benefits of the Standard Pass, plus a tow from marina to marina (max. 30 nautical miles) in the event of a breakdown and German/Croatian language support.

Members are most comprehensively covered with the SeaHelp Premium Pass. It includes all the benefits of the Smart Pass mentioned above, supplemented by the services Anchor Diving up to a depth of seven meters and telemedical support in the event of accidents or illness on board. The activation times for the Standard, Smart and Premium Passes are 72 hours, and 48 hours for the Charter Pass.

The membership card is automatically renewed in the app, and change requests can be easily submitted by email or phone

Once you have chosen one of the passes, a membership card is issued. This is automatically renewed in the app on the expiration date of the membership. Example: if the membership is valid until 5.11.2024, the card will be automatically updated on 5.11.2024 during the day for the following year.

If a SeaHelp member wishes to make changes to their membership status, this can easily be done at any time by e-mail or telephone. If a new boat has been purchased, a copy of the current boat license/sea certificate should be sent immediately.

The SeaHelp membership card and app can be set up on any number of devices, the only thing to note is that the password request is always carried out via the telephone number that was also specified during membership.

By the way: SeaHelp members can secure attractive rewards for referring new members in the “Member recruits member” campaign.


24h EMERGENCY CALL EUROPE: 0043 50 43 112

In an emergency, SeaHelp’s rescue boats can be called using the practical SeaHelp app, or by calling the free emergency number for Europe 0043 50 43 112 (or the alternative emergency number for Europe 00385 919 112 112.

Download SeaHelp app:

SeaHelp app with the emergency call function for Android smartphonesSeaHelp app with the emergency call function for Apple iPhone smartphones

* terminal or telecommunication service costs may apply

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