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Croatia: new regulation for sport skipper changes license boat skipper category B

In Croatia, for recreational boating, you need a license (boat license) that allows you to steer a boat. The most popular of these is the license "Boat license category B". But beware: a new regulation changed the license. The Croatian license "Boat license category B" allows sports and recreational skippers to move boats and yachts up to a maximum of...

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In Croatia, you can now operate rented boats up to 6.8 hp without a license.

"Früh übt sich, was ein Meister werden will" is probably one of the most famous quotes from Schiller's drama about the Swiss national hero William Tell and should probably also apply to the intended change in the boat license regulation in Croatia. The Croatian government plans to allow rented boats up to a length of 5 meters and a maximum...

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