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Jetski as a dinghy: registration mandatory?

Many larger yachts have jet skis on board, in addition to other water toys. Skippers are often unaware whether these need to be registered if they are taken on board the yacht as tenders. Personal watercraft, known in English as personal watercraft (PWC), in Spain as moto de agua and in Italy as moto d'acqua, and marketed by Kawasaki under...

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Croatian compulsory insurance for boat and yacht: lack of coverage.

Insuring boats, yachts and ships based in Croatia and covered only by the Croatian compulsory insurance has some pitfalls that apparently not all owners are aware of, warns SeaHelp, Europe's largest nautical breakdown service. To cut to the chase, Croatia's compulsory insurance, which until 2020 could also be taken out directly through the port captain, only covers damage for which...

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