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Where to moor? Current SeaHelp price comparison of Croatian marinas

Price comparison 2023 for berths in Croatian marinas
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Between Umag in the north and Dubrovnik in the south, 75 Croatian marinas offer their services and vie for guests. But beware: prices vary widely, and it may be worth taking a little longer to get to the next marina but one. So crews can sometimes save a lot of money, interesting especially for longer stays.

Where to moor? This is the question most crews ask themselves when they do not want to anchor or moor at a buoy when planning their day or multi-day trip. For many boating vacationers, the primary consideration is price. The exciting question is: is there – as is often claimed – a general price increase at the marinas in Croatia? Or do they even have to pay less this year?

SeaHelp compared the current prices of this season of 47 marinas (only for these usable figures were available) with those from 2021. Two boat sizes were selected as a reference, which, statistically speaking, make up the largest range of yachts that are on the move in Croatian waters during the season: on the one hand, these were 12-meter boats and, on the other hand, the daily berth prices for yachts were taken under the microscope, which are 15 meters long.

For a 12-meter yacht, you pay 12.41 euros more this year; for a 15-meter yacht, a daily berth costs 15.21 euros more than in 2021

The results surprised the editors whether the clarity of their statement: for a 12-meter-long yacht, a day berth in Croatia has become more expensive this season by an average of 12.41 euros / night than in 2021. For a 15-meter-long yacht, a day berth in Croatia cost an average of 15.21 euros / night more than two years ago.

That doesn’t sound like much at first, and up to a certain point also reflects the “normal” price increase that one is currently facing in normal everyday life as well. However, if you take a 14-day boating vacation as a basis, during which you regularly moor in a marina box, this can quickly add up to several hundred euros per boat (note: prices do not apply to permanent moorers).


A price comparison for daily berths (not permanent berths) in Croatian marinas


It should be noted that the greater the boat length, the more serious the increase in price. Prices for smaller boats, on the other hand, have remained mostly stable or show only marginal increases.

The biggest increase in prices for the reference yacht size 12/15 meters in length is in the ACI marinas Ces, Milna, Skradin and Trogir

The most significant price increase we could observe in ACI Marina Cres: for a day berth for a 12-meter boat you paid 34.30 euros two years ago, this year the same box already costs 100.00 euros (+ 65.70 euros). A daily berth for a 15-meter yacht cost only 41.64 euros in the marina in 2021, in 2023 it will cost 130 euros (+ 88.36 euros).

The second largest price increase was recorded for ACI Marina Milna: a daily berth for a 12-meter yacht cost 73.95 euros in 2021 (2023: 103.18 euros, price increase 36.05 euros); a comparable berth for a 15-meter yacht is 48.82 euros more expensive in 2023 (2021: 103.18 euros, 2023: 152 euros).

The third place, concerning the biggest price increase in the Croatian marinas, is shared by ACI Marina Skradin and the marina of the same operator in Trogir (data April to October, according to homepage): in Marina Skradin the place for a 12 meter boat is more expensive this year by 24.84 euros than in 2021 (91.16 / 116 euros), for a 15 meter yacht one must pay in 2023 even 34.67 euros / night more than two years ago.

For the ACI marina Trogir applies: if in 2021 a berth for a 12 meter yacht still cost 103.71 meters, the price in 2023 is already 128 euros (+ 24.29 euros). A 15-meter yacht cost 129.47 euros in 2021, and in 2023 the night costs 160 euros (+ 30.53 euros).

Contrary to the trend, there are also isolated price reductions, for example in the Marina Veli rat (Baotic), in the Marina Agana and in the Marina Admiral

But there are – completely against the trend – also some isolated price reductions: completely in front are here for example the Marina Veli rat (Baotic) and the Marina Agana; here the water daily moorings are in 2023 on the average around six euro more favorably than still two years before (Marina Veli rat: 12 meters length: 75,08 / 69 euro, 15 meters length: 94,10 / 88 euro).

In the Marina Agana one paid for a 12 meter long boat in the year 2021 74,08 euro, in this year the water mooring costs only 69 euro (- 5,08 euro); a three meter longer boat struck two years ago still with 98,10 euro at the expense. This year one pays only 91.00 euro (- 7.10 euro).

Similarly, sports skippers can also save money this season at Marina Admiral: for example, for a berth for a 12-meter boat this year you pay 2.42 euros less than in 2021 (77.42 / 75 euros), for a 15-meter boat you can currently even save 7.45 euros per day compared to the same period in 2021 (107.45 / 100 euros).

Further price reductions are currently also available in the Y/C Marina, Marina Frapa, Kastela and in the ACI Marina Rovinj – for 15 meter long boats / night as well as in the ACI Marina Dubrovnik as well as the Marina Baotić (Ex Yacht Club Seget) for 12 meter boat length.

Conclusion: A comparison before the start of the cruise is worthwhile in any case

Not everywhere, however, the prices have increased (moderately or to a greater extent); then as now there were and are on the contrary – sporadically – also price reductions. A comparison before the start of the cruise is therefore worthwhile in any case.

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