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Position lights: Lights guidance on yachts - Which visual signals must be guided?

The correct light guidance (setting of navigation lights, carrying of lights) is defined - for Germany - in the Collision Prevention Regulations (KVR), the Seeschifffahrtsstraßen-Ordnung (SeeSchStrO) or the Binnenschifffahrtsstraßen-Ordnung (BinnenSchStrO) are regulated to prevent collisions and accidents. Which lights are mandatory on recreational boats? When do they have to be carried? - Skipper tips from the SeaHelp editorial team for...

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First aid kit, what should be in it? First aid kit on board the yacht.

Some claim that it is the most important piece of luggage on board a (sailing) boat: the first-aid kit. Our skipper tip from the SeaHelp editorial team explains which medicines are important at sea and why the first-aid kit is an important part of preparing for a trip. What to do if an injury occurs during a cruise, a crew...

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Anchoring, anchorage, anchor maneuver: sailing yacht anchoring correctly

A skillful anchor maneuver is the basic prerequisite for a quiet night on board, but not the guarantee for it, goes a sailor's saying. What should be considered when anchoring, how a proper anchor maneuver should be driven, when an anchor watch is appropriate, and how SeaHelp's Premium Pass helps with anchor diving when the anchor gets stuck during retrieval...

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Women on board

Fortunately, the days are long gone when women on board (as well as clergymen, by the way) were viewed with suspicion by seafarers. According to superstition, both brought bad luck in equal measure. Successful female sailors such as Isabelle Joschke show that equality has long prevailed on the water: exactly four weeks after the first racing yachts, the 44-year-old German-Frenchwoman...

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Marine radars: Raymarine Quantum2 radar with Doppler function and AIS insertion

A radar system supports safe navigation in uncertain weather and is extremely helpful when you are underway at night, in bad weather or in fog. Objects such as sea marks, pilings, other ships (even without lighting) and even rain fronts and of course the islands and coastlines that you cannot see visually due to the visibility restriction are detected by...

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