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Check für Rettungsweste: Rabatt bei MORITZ Sailmakers GmbH

When do we really need our life jacket? When it gets serious. When we are no longer on board due to an accident, an accident or even carelessness, but in the water. When theory suddenly turns into practice and the wet oilskins stick to you and hinder your swimming. And the inflated, automatic life jacket helps to keep your head...

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Betrug bei Verkauf / Kauf von Boot und Yacht

Who would like to buy a yacht, is well advised to secure itself, otherwise a bad surprise could threaten. But also who wants to sell his used yacht, should look carefully, with whom he gets involved: a SeaHelp member informed the editorial staff about a criminal scam of alleged boat buyers - who are actually but not at all about...

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Boote und Yachten im Winterlager an Land

Before our ships retreat into hibernation in warm halls or under large tarpaulins, they must be well prepared for the break from sailing. SeaHelp has compiled the most important points to consider before winterizing in winter storage. Clear out supplies Not only perishable food should be cleared off the boat at the end of the season, but also all spices,...

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Sun protection on the water against UV - radiation

Summer, sun, sailing - that means sparkling water, bright blue sky and maybe a gentle breeze. Perfect conditions for summer cruising. But beware: the reflection of the water intensifies the sun's UV rays, making them about 20 percent more intense. SeaHelp has compiled 10 tips for proper sun protection on the water. Tip 1 Shade! In the blazing (midday) sun,...

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