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2020 statistics on boats and yachts in Croatia despite Covid-19

Actually, one has always known it: water sports enthusiasts, especially boat and yacht owners are among the most loyal guests in Croatia. To confirm this thesis, the Croatian Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, according to the correct translation, has now provided the corresponding figures. While according to the Croatian Ministry of Tourism the number of tourists decreased by about...

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Yamaha 300 HP outboard motor

Even though everybody is currently talking about the corona crisis - at SeaHelp, preparations for the coming water sports season are in full swing. To this end, the rescue boats have to be transferred to Punat, where SeaHelp employees and technicians are carrying out necessary repairs. A SeaHelp spokesperson: "At the moment we are assuming in Croatia that the start...

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Water Sports | SAR Statistics 2019

If water sports enthusiasts experience technical or minor health problems or have difficulty communicating with the authorities, SeaHelp will support its members free of charge according to the services booked. Non-members can also contact SeaHelp, but must then pay for the help according to the price list published on the Internet. Whenever the rescue of people or property is involved,...

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