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Holiday 2021 in Croatia: Seven good reasons to look forward to the water sports season

Vacation Croatia 2021: Water sport season despite Corona
Water sports enthusiasts can already look forward to the 2021 season. The SeaHelp editorial team has put together seven good reasons for this.

May one look forward now already to the water sport season 2021 and thus to the vacation in Croatia? The SeaHelp editorship has itself despite constantly rising corona new infections, which, as we learned, in the winter months are normal, already once thought, why the water haven in Croatia might experience also in the coming year despite the Corona pandemic hardly a break-down. However, we have based this on the assumption that the topic of corona will continue to accompany us in 2021.

Reason 1: COVID 19 tests become easier

The previous test strategy in Germany and Austria almost without exception provided for expensive, time-consuming PCR tests. In some cases, results were waited for several days and the laboratories responsible for testing (not only in Croatia, editor’s note) seemed to be overloaded. In addition, there were discussions about whether it would be better to reserve testing capacities for risk groups such as persons in need of care rather than for vacationers. With the development of the new antigen tests, which are clearly more inexpensive and supply within 15 minutes a relatively reliable result, the sheet could turn. This would take the quarantine issue off the table. Austria has already integrated antigen tests into its test strategy.

Coronavirus quick test: Antigen test for Covid-19
Corona quick tests are developing rapidly in terms of accuracy and reliability. So nothing should stand in the way of a vacation in 2021. Picture source: Roche Germany Holding GmbH


Reason 2: Governments differentiate according to forms of vacation

Let’s remember: At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Croatia went into lockdown, after which water sports enthusiasts were among the first groups of people to be granted entry. Meanwhile even in the responsible ministries the realization might have become generally accepted, which one should differentiate more strongly: The water sportsman, who usually travels with the own passenger car to Croatia, goes there on its boat or its yacht, exhibits a substantially smaller risk of infection than the party tourist, who travels with airplane or bus and makes itself after six days party again on the way back.

Reason 3: Protective measures are effective if they are followed

The example of Istria shows how effective protective measures are when they are monitored. While elsewhere in Croatia new infections increased drastically, the development in the north of Croatia, especially in Istria, is relatively manageable. At least in comparison to the rest of Europe. Why in Istria the numbers run contrary to the general trend, shows also a RTL contribution to this topic. Istria could quasi be the blueprint for the whole of Croatia.

Reason 4: EU concept could take effect as early as spring 2021

Even if one says to the parliamentarians with the European Union in Brussels that they are not the fastest in things resolution, a fast, time near regulation for the summer vacation might take place after the foreseeable debacle in the winter sports season with substantial losses of turnover for the winter sports regions. The pressure from countries within the EU that participate in the winter sports value chain should be great enough to enable rapid action to be taken. Uniform rules within Europe will create confidence and could revive tourist flows, despite Corona.

Reason 5: Water sportsmen possess common sense

Water sports enthusiasts, especially boat and yacht owners, are used to making decisions based on hard facts in their profession and hobby. Next year they will hardly let themselves be put on a leash by politically motivated travel warnings of individual governments, but will pursue their hobby with common sense. And they are used to finding solutions to problems. For example, as early as 2020 charter companies organized their own PCR tests for Croatia travelers so that they could immediately reintegrate into working life when they returned.

Reason 6: Water sports in Croatia by far safe

SeaHelp has itself visited some marinas in Croatia unannounced to check on the spot that the Corona rules are being observed. In general, all rules to prevent infection with the corona virus as far as possible were followed according to the general guidelines. After a SeaHelp inquiry the predominant number of the water sportsmen, who stayed in Croatia in this year, was content with the measures, judged it with good, and/or very good.

Reason 7: Water sportsmen know their territory

Whoever owns a boat or yacht in Croatia or is planning a charter vacation has usually dealt with the country or region in detail. Exactly that differentiates the water sportsman in the long run from the overall tourist. That selects its vacation goal in the travel agency according to criteria such as departure airport, price, beach and leisure offers. Whether it becomes then in the long run Croatia, Bulgaria, Mallorca or Italy, is relatively all the same to him – main thing sun. For water sportsmen completely different criteria apply, they know, how it looks like in their goal area, which expects them and how they can protect themselves. This enumeration does not claim to be complete, it is only an attempt to show why the 2021 water sports season can still be better than the previous season due to the current increase in corona numbers. In the meantime, we have all learned from the pandemic to protect ourselves accordingly and to deal with it. Hopefully this learning curve will continue in politics. Of course, we are always happy when our readers provide us with further reasons to continue the story.

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