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Boat leasing in Croatia: 4,378 charter yachts and charter boats

Charter yachts
4378 charter yachts in Croatia
Croatians are the world‘s champions when it comes to leasing yachts. According to the Croatian internet portal Pomorac, ”sailor‟ in English, each year about half a million charter guests are coming to Croatia in order to discover the Croatian coastline by one of the 4,378 charter yachts and charter boats. This is corresponding to a share of about 40% of the charter fleet available all over the world.

Citing information from the Ministry of the Navy, Transport and Infrastructure (Navy Department, editor’s note) and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the portal further reports that there are 2,762 charter companies registered in Croatia, 930 of which run their businesses leasing 1,956 boats,2,166 sailing yachts and 256 cruisers.

And, according to the statement of Andro Vidjak, Deputy Director of the Croatian Register of Shipping (responsible for ships of a length of more than 12 metres) there are very strict controls. Controls of ships less than 12 metres with reference to the compliance with the valid regulations are done by the port authorities.

Ships approved for being leased will be inspected on a yearly basis, Vidjak explains, ships for personal use have to be checked every five years. However, there will be unannounced inspections by inspectors of the Navy Department. Those inspectors and authorised port authority staff are conducting approx. 7,000 annual inspections and they generally detect about 2,000 violations of applicable regulations.

The importance of the charter business is supported by a survey carried out in 2017 stating impressive figures: So the average of the amounts spent by charter guests totalled to 183 euros per day while hotel guests only left 75 euros a day.

Neverthess, apart from all those expenses, the numerous charter crews should always bear one thing in mind: Together with each charter cruise, the SeaHelp charter pass should be booked automatically. Its price for each cruise and ship amounts to only 75 euros. So, with six persons aboard and a charter period of 7 days, it will be just 1,79 euros per person and day – an amount, not even reaching one per cent of the daily expenditure but offering a lot of security.

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