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Clean, safe and dry: BlueBox storage facility in Porec (Istria), right by the motorway exit

BlueBox Storage: Storage space in Istria / Croatia
© BlueBox Storage

The 2024 boating season is already in full swing and, as every year, many boat owners (and not only them) are asking themselves the question: where to put winter tarpaulins, heaters, outdoor cushions and drying containers?

BlueBox Storage offers the solution. Everything that has no place in or on the boat or in the apartment, or things that you don’t want to take home with you every time, can be stored in Croatia for a fee. The rental space and duration can be arranged flexibly.

The German entrepreneur Rainer Pankiewicz has lived in Croatia for several years and is himself an enthusiastic water sports enthusiast. He therefore knows from personal experience how difficult it can be to find suitable storage facilities locally in Croatia.


Blue Box hall in Visnjan
Blue Box hall in Visnjan© Bluebox Storage |


This is where BlueBox Storage comes into play

Various options are offered, including Euro grid boxes with a volume of one cubic meter or more (exact dimensions: 124 x 84 x 97 cm) at prices starting at 25 euros per month. Storage takes place in a clean, secure hall in Visnjan, just 1.5 km from the highway exit no. 4 of the same name in the direction of Porec.


BlueBox Storage - Warehouse: pallet cages
© BlueBox Storage


BlueBox Storage also offers storage spaces with the same basic dimensions, but up to 250 cm high, as well as storage rooms and storage areas of any size up to six meters high for bulky equipment.



Safe parking spaces in the hall or on the outdoor area

Secure parking spaces are also available in the hall or on the outdoor area for trailers with sports boats. In spring, boat owners can store their winter tarpaulins, heaters and drying containers at BlueBox Storage, and in fall, water toys, sports equipment, dinghies and outboard motors.

The offer is also aimed at commercial providers who require storage space. In addition, the entrepreneur is available for individual requests at any time – just call, WhatsApp or email. For example, larger items such as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, vintage cars, motorhomes, sports boats, jet skis or inflatable boats can also be stored on request.


BlueBox Storage: Warehouse with forklift
© BlueBox Storage


Good to know: the site is monitored around the clock. A pick-up and delivery service and a battery maintenance service are also offered, as well as value insurance.


Bluebox Storage: The site is monitored around the clock.
The site is monitored around the clock.© Bluebox Storage |


BlueBox Storage has recently become one of the SeaHelp Benefit Partners. This means that BlueBox Storage grants SeaHelp members a special discount of 15 per cent on all services.

Information about BlueBox Storage in Istria:

Logo Bluebox Storage | www.bluebox.hrBluebox Storage
Rainer Pankiewicz c/o Eco-Therm1 d.o.o.
Milanezi 57, 52463 Visnjan / Istria

Info online:
Phone/Whatsapp: +385 95 399 0003


BlueBox Storage - Flyer
© BlueBox Storage
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