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Croatia transferred 510 million Euro: EU grants to secure the labor market

EU Sure Program: Croatia receives 510 million euros to secure its labor market
Almost deserted streets in Croatia like here in Pula - with the income from tourism an important branch of the economy breaks away.

The European Commission transferred a total of 510 million euros to Croatia on Tuesday as part of the SURE support program, which provides Croatia with financial aid of 1.02 million euros, in order to reduce the risk of unemployment. “The second wave of the pandemic is hitting Europe hard. The EU is here to help. We want to protect people from the virus and safeguard their jobs,” said Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

SURE program helps

On Tuesday, the Commission had disbursed 14 billion euros to nine Member States under the SURE programme. Croatia received 510 million, Cyprus 250 million, Greece 2 billion, Italy another 6.5 billion, Latvia 120 million, Lithuania 300 million, Malta 120 million, Slovenia 200 million and Spain another 4 billion.

Mitigating the consequences of the Corona pandemic

The aim of this instrument is to provide additional financial support of up to EUR 100 billion in the form of EU loans to Member States particularly affected by the Corona pandemic in order to secure the labour market. The European Commission takes out loans on the financial markets and then passes them on to the Member States on more favorable terms.

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