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Traffic jams when entering Croatia: Many still want to reach their destination before lockdown on 23.12.

Entry Croatia: Possible traffic jams before lockdown Christmas 2020
Thorough controls are now in place at the borders with Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, and waiting times for entry are possible.

With many individuals planning to visit Croatia over Christmas, SeaHelp’s editorial team has been on the ground asking how things actually are in light of the government-imposed coronavirus restrictions. The lockdown measures, which come into effect on Dec. 23, 2020, significantly restrict freedom of movement, but do not apply to individual municipalities as they did in the spring, but to the respective county (district) in which the person has chosen to stay permanently or temporarily, according to the decree.

Hotel stays in Croatia possible

However, according to information from Croatian government circles so far, for example, people who have already booked hotel accommodation before the measures come into force and have also paid by Dec. 23, 2020, will be able to reach their destination without any problems. However, proof should be able to be shown when crossing the border.

Restaurants closed – stores open

Currently, restaurants and cafes are closed in Croatia, food “to go” may be served. Hotel restaurants are allowed to offer food to hotel visitors, with the controls, whether it is really hotel visitors, one takes it probably not so exactly, as was communicated. All stores, including hardware stores, remain open for the time being, but the number of visitors per square meter has been significantly restricted by the national COVID 19 crisis staff.

Congestion at the borders over the weekend

There was still low travel traffic at the borders on Friday, according to information from returning travelers. Last Saturday and Sunday, however, according to Croatian media reports, there were longer traffic jams at the borders, at the Karawanken tunnel had been switched to block clearance.

Travel traffic despite Corona

Obviously, the situation will continue accordingly in the coming days, as on the highways and trunk roads travel traffic has increased sharply despite the Corona pandemic. Still many Croatians living abroad want to spend the Christmas holidays with their families in Croatia and arrive there before with the 23rd of December the freedom of movement will be significantly reduced.


However, the situation presented is only a snapshot. It is recommended that the current situation continue to be monitored closely, as measures can change rapidly with a change in the epidemiological situation.

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