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Snow on Solta: SeaHelp rescue boat Solta covered with snow

Wetter Kroatien: Schneefall in Solta in Dalmatien. SeaHelp Einsatzboot leicht von Schnee bedeckt
SeaHelp-Einsatzboot auf der Insel Solta vom Schnee "leicht eingezuckert".

That the SeaHelp task forces on Dalmatia’s vacation island Solta must first free their task boat from snow and ice, even veteran SeaHelp employees can hardly remember. This weekend, however, the time had come: Arctic cold, at least by Croatian standards, with stormy bora and isolated snow showers covered parts of Dalmatia and also the island of Solta with fine snow, which made for rare pictures that we are happy to share with our readers.


Weather Croatia: Snowfall in Solta in Dalmatia, ice scraping announced
Even if the SeaHelp employee on Solta sometimes exchanges the rescue boat for the vehicle, on Saturday first of all ice scraping was announced.


Weather Croatia: snowfall in Solta in Dalmatia, ferry Jadrolinija in snowfall
Jadrolinija ferry on Solta was also not spared from the first snow in years.


Frost also on the coast

In general, the whole Croatian coast is hit by low temperatures. After-frosts down to minus three degrees are expected, but after the weekend temperatures are already expected to rise.


Weather Croatia: Snowfall in Solta / Dalmatia to the coast
Snow all the way to the coast – rare footage for the island of Solta, which is actually sunny


Weather service: short winter episode

The Croatian Weather Service reports for Saturday, February 13, 2021: “Partly sunny in most parts of the interior and in the northern Adriatic. In Dalmatia and the mountains mostly cloudy in places with little snow or sleet. With variable clouds, a little snow may be in the middle of the day and afternoon in central areas and the northeast, heavy in places in the mountains. On the Adriatic moderate to strong bora with gales, at the foot of Velebit and hurricane gusts. The highest daily temperature is mostly between -5 and -1 and into the Adriatic from 0 to 4 °C.”

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