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Coronavirus Croatia: Only cautious relaxations as of February 15, 2021

Croatia: Coronavirus relaxation as of 15.02.2021
Restaurants and café bars will remain closed after February 15. Only out-of-home sales are permitted.

Since parts of the Croatian population had probably expected much more from the announced relaxations after the decline in new coronavirus infections in Croatia: Cafe bars would be allowed to offer coffee-to-go only, restaurants would offer food and drinks for takeout only, and patios and outdoor areas would remain closed. Gyms may open, but admission will be allowed to only one person per 20 square meters of floor space. The “relaxations-light” are in effect from February 15, and the measures are to be re-evaluated in two weeks.


In particular, restaurateurs were not at all enthusiastic about these relaxations. Many will probably refrain from opening their restaurant for the to-go option, because the costs caused by this can hardly be compensated with revenue.

Distance obligation remains

Furthermore there is – also in supermarkets – the usual already decided mask – and distance obligation.

How infectious is the coronavirus mutation?

Although there is criticism of the measures taken to contain the coronavirus pandemic, as there is in neighboring countries, there should be understanding for this rather cautious move by the Croatian government, because at present no one knows precisely how the infection incidence will develop with regard to the mutation variant of the coronavirus.

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