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Balance of the earthquake in Croatia: 9000 houses damaged, 1800 uninhabitable by earthquake damage.

Balance: Earthquake Croatia in the Petrinja region
The repair work on the buildings damaged by the earthquake will take some time. The inhabitants of the region, who were already severely affected by the war almost 30 years ago, have now suffered another blow.



Due to the Corona pandemic, the earthquake in the Petrinja and Sisak region quickly disappeared from the headlines in Germany, and partly also in Austria – but the considerable damage remained and continues to make life difficult for the inhabitants of the Croatian earthquake region. Therefore, the SeaHelp editorial team points out here again the precarious situation after the earthquake and tries to draw a short balance.

Significant damage to residential buildings

As reported from the damage reports of the region, so far about 9000 buildings in the earthquake area are damaged, according to initial data, 1,800 can no longer be inhabited, most are likely to face demolition. Structural engineers who inspected the damaged houses after the earthquake released 4,500 houses for further use after an initial structural inspection, but extensive repair work must also be carried out on these properties.

Region also affected by war

Thirty years ago, the region of Petrinja and Sisak were considered one of the main sites of the armed conflict in the former Yugoslavia, the country that ultimately gave birth to the state of Croatia. During the war, a large number of residential and commercial buildings in this area were already destroyed. However, 30 years later, many of the current earthquake victims are once again facing the ruins of their existence.

More earth tremors every day

The regions affected by the earthquake are Petrinja, Glina, Sisak and Lekenik. Here the earth still does not come to rest. After an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, aftershocks of between magnitude 3 and 4 continue to occur, significantly complicating rescue and cleanup efforts and causing further damage to the already pre-damaged building fabric from the previous violent earth tremors.

State of emergency declared – Croatian government takes over coordination

The Croatian government has meanwhile declared a state of emergency for the region affected by the earthquake and has taken over the coordination of measures on site. This should also clear the way for further aid from the EU.

Donations still urgently needed

The Croatian Red Cross (HCK) says it has distributed 287 tons of food, 200,000 liters of water and 60,000 hot meals to residents affected by the earthquake in just under a week. In addition, more than 38 million kuna in monetary donations from 62,480 donors have so far been received into the HCK’s donation account.

Donation account Croatian Red Cross
GiroCode Donation account Croatian Red Cross


Austria helps earthquake victims

Needed on the ground, according to the relief organizations working on the ground, more housing containers. In addition to extensive aid deliveries, partly on private initiative, the Feuerwehr Kalsdorf also participated in the support of the earthquake victims with a delivery of 83 residential containers for use as emergency shelters as part of its disaster relief mission. They were delivered to the earthquake region by vehicles of the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association.

Earthquake region receives priority Corona vaccine

The spread of the corona virus among relief workers and earthquake victims is also likely to be problematic. For these reasons, the Croatian government has since changed the vaccination schedule and moved a larger number of vaccine doses to the Petrinja region.

More earthquakes and rain hamper relief efforts

As the reconstruction work, combined with the rainy winter weather on the ground as well as further earth tremors, is likely to take longer, aid organizations continue to hope for donations, even though the earthquake disaster in many neighboring countries has already taken a back seat due to the Corona crisis. Here again the link to the donation organizations from the previous SeaHelp post.

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