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Coronavirus incidence figures Croatia: 14-day incidence down encouragingly – Corona measures extended to January 31.

Coronavirus 14-day incidence decreased in Croatia
Soon free travel again for Croatia vacationers? Croatia's incidence values have fallen and are slowly approaching the level of Austria and Germany. This is encouraging for the coming water sports season.

If one looks at the official page of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for the current 14-day incidences in the individual European countries, one finds that the incidence figures in Croatia have fortunately dropped considerably. This is encouraging for the upcoming tourist season, as at the same time the Croatian government decided to continue epidemic measures until January 31, 2021.

Croatia: Falling incidence figures

Based on figures compiled by the European agency ECDC, 14-day incidence figures for most EU countries have converged in recent days, showing: The tough measures are bearing fruit. Croatia had (as of Jan. 7, 2020) a 14-day incidence of 422 new coronavirus infections per 100,000 population, Italy’s incidence value is 335 new infections, and Austria has 320 new coronavirus infections. Only Slovenia still has a relatively high number of new COVID-19 infections, with 959 new infections.

Restaurants closed

Key measures in Croatia currently include a ban on gatherings of more than 25 people. Private parties may have a maximum of 10 people from two different households. Restaurants – except for hotel restaurants for hotel guests – are closed. Only out-of-home sales are still permitted. That means in plain language: pizza delivery service is allowed, a cozy evening in a konoba is not. Grocery stores are open under the restricted Corona conditions.

Entry with PCR test

When entering Croatia, present a current negative PCR test or immediately enter domestic quarantine in Croatia. PCR tests can be performed at the border, according to unconfirmed information, but here travelers should get basic information beforehand.

Facilitation for business travel

Business trips can still be made without a PCR test. Required are an invitation from the Croatian business partner, a confirmation from the sending company, alternatively also a self-confirmation (sensible always with stamp and signature as well as a short justification of the urgency of the business trip). Then, as travelers have reported so far, there have been no difficulties at the border, especially since transit through Austria, Slovenia and Italy has so far not led to excessive border controls when entering or passing through the respective country.

Visiting boat/yacht in Croatia business trip?

Since it is reported again and again that also trips to the boat or to one’s own property in Croatia are partly interpreted as business trips, where no PCR test has to be presented, SeaHelp has made a corresponding request to the responsible Croatian Ministry (MUP). The urgent business reason is justified with the fact that after the partly violent winter storms of the last days one must secure if necessary its property in Croatia against further damage. If any damage occurs, it will have to be repaired in order to prevent the damage from spreading. Croatian companies could also be commissioned to repair the damage.

If we receive a binding answer, we will publish it in the SeaHelp media.

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