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Current SeaHelp information for the journey to Croatia: Congestion and possible border crossings on the way to Croatia

Traffic jams entry Croatia via Italy or Slovenia
Who can cross the border into Slovenia and where? Important information for Austrian and German tourists on their way to Croatia.

Anyone who sets off for the Adriatic Sea, especially Croatia, in times of the COVID 19 pandemic caused by Sars-CoV-2 should be prepared for some changes, especially when crossing the border into Slovenia, and at the weekends also for longer traffic jams. The main bottleneck is probably the Karawanken tunnel, where the traffic towards the south is often dammed up at weekends due to block handling. SeaHelp has put together a few links to help you recognize traffic jams on the way to the border and possibly avoid them.

Differences between Germans and Austrians

While Austrians may use all official border crossings into Slovenia, non-Austrians may explicitly use only the Karawanken Tunnel, Loibltunnel or Spielfeld (motorway) border crossing points, as specified in a decree of the Slovenian government of 7.6.2020, last amended on 3 July 2020. These are official Slovenian checkpoints, but are not relevant for Austrians.

Not over the Wurzenpass

Some Germans who decided to enter Slovenia via the Wurzen Pass this weekend, 11 July 2020, due to long traffic jams in front of the Karawanken Tunnel as a result of block handling already at the Villach junction, were sent back at the border. Even holidaymakers with boat trailers were turned away, although it should be generally known that there is a general ban on vehicles with trailers on the way to the Wurzen Pass.

About Italy

At least for the journey to Istria it is often worthwhile to travel to Croatia via Italy. Here, too, you don’t have to pay the Slovenian motorway toll, but there are supposed to be tourists who accept the small detour via Italy just for an Italian coffee at the rest stops. In addition, the border crossings from Italy to Slovenia and from Slovenia to Croatia are often not as busy as the crossing at the Karawanken tunnel. But beware: All Austrians and Germans are only allowed to use the border crossing points Vrtojba/St. Andrea, Fernetiči/Fernetti, Škofije/Rabuiese or Krvavi Potok/Pesse in road traffic.

Transit to Croatia

In general, however, the following still applies: German or Austrian citizens can still transit from Croatia to Austria via Slovenia without any problems, but Croatian holidaymakers must have left Slovenia again after 12 hours at the latest due to the COVID 19 measures in force there.
If you are currently on your way to Croatia, you should, in order to avoid traffic jams, save the following links – or better this whole article – to be always up to date on the way.

Important links for the journey to Croatia

Congestion Austria
Border waiting times Austria/Slovenia
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