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Eparture to Croatia Easter 2021: Eparture regulations Croatia in the word run in German language.

Entry requirements Croatia at Easter 2021: Translation of the original text into German.
The entry requirements for Croatia are now available in the original text. Those who want to stay longer than ten days should better use a PCR test for entry to Croatia right away.

The Croatian Ministry of Interior has today, April 1, 2021 the valid entry requirements for travel to Croatia over Easter and beyond on its homepage in German published. Due to the short-term change in entry regulations on the one hand and the upcoming increased travel to Croatia on the other hand, the SeaHelp editorial team had initially obtained the new regulations in advance by asking the responsible authorities and published them in the last post on the subject pointed out that the wording of the new measures on entry to Croatia is yet to be published, which has been done herewith.

Extract from the text of the regulation on entry to Croatia

In the passage of the regulation that is crucial for entry to Croatia, it literally says:.

All other travelers coming to the Republic of Croatia from EU/EEA member states/regions and who are not currently on the so-called green list of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention must present one of the following:

  • negative PCR test or rapid antigen test – AST for SARS-CoV-2 not older than 48 hours (calculated from the time of swab collection until arrival at the border crossing) and, if it is a rapid antigen test and the stay lasts longer than 10 days in the Republic of Croatia, then the test must be repeated until the tenth day from the date of issue of this test.
  • Vaccination certificate for persons who received a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine more than 14 days ago. Exceptionally, in the case of a single-dose vaccine, a confirmation of receipt of a single dose if they received the dose more than 14 days prior to the date of crossing the state line;
  • Certificate confirming that the certificate holder has recovered from SARS COV-2 virus infection, having previously had a positive PCR or rapid antigen test. This certificate is valid no earlier than the eleventh day from the date the positive test was received and no later than the 180th day from the date of the first positive test;
  • or perform a PCR test or rapid antigen test – AST for SARS-CoV-2 immediately upon arrival to the Republic of Croatia (at their own expense) with the obligation to self-isolate until a negative result is obtained. If it is not possible to perform a test, the person is obliged to apply the self-isolation measure for a period of ten (10) days.

Compulsory testing for children entering Croatia

Also the question of when children must present a test certificate when entering Croatia has been clarified in the text of the regulation. Here, too, the exact wording:

If the child is younger than seven years old (not yet 7 years old) and is traveling in the company of a parent/guardian, then it is an exception to the obligation to have a negative test result and apply self-isolation, resp. if the parent/guardian has a negative PCR or AST test or has received a COVID-19 vaccination certificate administered by Member States (valid if 14 days have passed since the second dose of vaccine, and for the first and only dose from Johnson & Johnson) or if they have recovered from COVID-19 (positive PCR or rapid antigen test (AST) issued more than 11 days but not more than 180 days from the date of swab collection or confirmation that they have recovered from COVID-19, indicating the date of onset of disease from which more than 11 but not more than 180 days have elapsed).

List of antigen tests recognized in the EU

And in addition, here is the listing of antigen tests that are currently recognized by all EU countries, as they are on the common list of the European Commission are located:

  • Abbott Rapid Diagnostics, PanbioTM COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test
  • AMEDA Labordiagnostik GmbH, AMP Rapid Test SARS-CoV-2 Ag
  • Becton Dickinson, BD Veritor System for Rapid Deteciton os SARS-CoV-2
  • Beijing Lepu Medical Technology, SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal
    Gold immunochromatography)
  • CerTest Biotect S.L., CerTest SARS-CoV-2 CARD TEST
  • Healgen Scientific Limited, Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Cassette (Swab)
  • LumiraDX UK LTd, LumiraDx SARS-CoV-2 Ag Test
  • nal von minden GmbH, NADAL COVID -19 Ag Test
  • Quidel Corporation, Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA
  • Siemens Healthineers, CLINITEST Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test
  • Xiamen Boson Biotech Co, Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test card
  • Zhejiang Orient Gene Biotech Co,Ltd, Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Cassette (Swab)

We recommend making sure that the manufacturer of the antigen test is noted on the certificate.

Clear text: If staying, longer than 10 days, enter Croatia immediately with PCR test

In plain language, this means: If from the time of the smear test to the departure from Croatia is not more than ten days, an antigen test is sufficient. Who plans to stay longer than ten days in Croatia, must either on the 10th day of his stay in Croatia an antigen test or he travels immediately with a PCR test. With the PCR test, the 10-day rule does not apply.

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