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Gasoline and diesel in Slovenia cheap: The new “tank paradise” not only for vacationers.

Fuel prices in Slovenia
Cheap fuel prices in Slovenia: 1.54 per liter of diesel and gasoline - you can only dream of that elsewhere. It is to be hoped that the measure will be extended beyond Easter.

Slovenia “froze” fuel prices on March 15, 2022; for the next 30 days, a liter of regular gasoline will cost no more than 1.503 euros, and a liter of diesel no more than 1.541 euros. Above all, vacationers on their way to Croatia will benefit from this, because both in Austria and in Croatia the prices for gasoline and diesel are significantly higher. Who plans its Easter vacation in Croatia, should profit thereby at least still with the journey to Croatia from the cover of the fuel prices.

Fuel cheap on the way to Croatia

The announcement by Slovenia’s Minister of Economy Zdravko Pocivalsek is likely to please vacationers on their way to Croatia, but not the gas stations near the border in Austria or Italy, because, as the media report, on the very first day after fuel prices were capped, a veritable fuel tourism began in the direction of Slovenia, causing significant revenue losses for the gas stations near the border in Austria and Italy.

Fuel prices are to be “calmed down”

With the measure, gasoline is to be six cents and diesel 13 cents below the usual prices for gasoline and diesel in Slovenia at the level of the second week of March. The measure is aimed at calming the situation on the fuel market, the Slovenian Ministry of Economy added.

Fuel markets volatile

Because of the Ukraine crisis, prices on fuel markets across Europe are behaving quite volatile, but currently know only one direction: up. Other countries are also considering capping fuel prices; Hungary has already had gasoline and diesel prices capped at 479.99 forints per liter each since Nov. 15, which is about 1.31 euros, depending on the exchange rate. Source:

No improvement in sight

At present, it is impossible to say with certainty when the situation on the fuel markets will calm down again, since a possible loss of Russian supplies will on the one hand put pressure on the prices of gasoline and diesel, but on the other hand also cause a considerable amount of conversion work at the refineries due to the changeover to other intermediate products.

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