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Mallorca in change through COVID-19: Hard times for party people, but marinas full

Mallorca Covid-19: empty beaches
At the moment, the beaches in Mallorca are still empty, but those who are looking for peace and quiet for once in Mallorca will get their money's worth.

In Mallorca, fears of a significant increase in the number of new COVID-19 infections are rising after the Balearic Island decided to slowly reopen to tourism. With 117 active COVID-19 patients and a relatively low double-digit number of new infections, the island, which is particularly popular with holidaymakers, is actually just as safe as Germany or Austria, for example, in an overall comparison. The emphasis here is expressly on “actually”, because the return of tourists was accompanied by the unreasonableness of the situation.

Only short Ballermann episode

Already on the first weekend the partygoers at Ballermann and Punta Ballena in Magaluf took over the regime again, as if the coronavirus had never existed. When the first pictures made the rounds in the social media, it called politicians even from Germany to the scene, “expressing astonishment and concern” about how criticism is packaged diplomatically correct in politicians’ speeches.

Mallorca: Party-Lockdown because of COVID-19

The consequences were not long in coming: party miles were closed, much to the chagrin of both the caterers and the party-goers, and instead of consuming buckets of sangria with a straw, there were a lot of controls to prevent illegal parties. Due to the particular severity of the measures, there is already talk that the majority of Mallorcans did not find this so inconvenient, as they wanted to get rid of the negative image of the party island Mallorca and establish quality tourism there.

Fear of increasing COVID-19 new infections

On the other hand, however, one must also show understanding for the worries and needs of the inhabitants: Due to the extremely hard COVID-19 lockdown, the Majorcan health authorities have succeeded, as in many other countries, in keeping the number of COVID-19 infections at a low level. It is feared that unrestrained party tourism will undo the efforts made in recent months.

Only on the beach no mask obligation

This was followed by hard cuts at the party weekend on Mallorca, which made headlines throughout Europe: The clubs of the beer and ham street as well as in relevant scene pubs in Magaluf were closed, on the streets and in restaurants there is mask duty again, also in restaurants, only at the stand and during sports you are allowed to do without the mask. Violations will be punished rigorously and immediately.

No mask obligation on yachts

The mask obligation, which by the way was already decided before the party excesses and is not to be interpreted as a consequence of the nightly hustle and bustle, was even tightened from Monday, 20.7.2020. From this day on, according to reports of the Mallorca-Zeitung, fines of 25 to 100 Euros are due if a mask is renounced.

A special inquiry with the marinas revealed: Whoever stays on a yacht in one of the numerous marinas on Mallorca does not have to wear a mask. As it is concretely regulated on the charter boats, one did not want to make a concrete statement. Probably only the crew, but not the charter guest has to wear a mask, they said.

Party tourism cannot afford Mallorca

The Balearic Minister of Tourism Iago Negueruela puts it in a nutshell in an interview with the Mallorca newspaper: “It’s not about whether we can afford to lose certain holidaymakers. We can’t allow ourselves to have them come.” This might be a clear refusal to the party-goers, whose caravan is now probably moving on to the golden beach in Bulgaria, where nobody is bothered by their uninhibited goings-on, especially since after a week of partying the possible hangover in form of a COVID 19 infection follows only at home.

Water sports are booming despite COVID-19

All these measures do not seem to bother anyone in the Majorcan marinas. Both the Spaniards themselves and the foreign yacht owners and charter crews have long since realized this: On a yacht, no matter whether on the sea or in the marina, the coronavirus has hardly a chance. The marinas are, as reported, well visited and at least here nobody cries a tear to the party people. On the contrary: Skippers report crystal clear water, a special atmosphere and whoever wants can now even explore the hinterland without stress.

That means, whoever visits Mallorca now, will find something that you can hardly find anywhere else: Relative peace and seclusion. The type of holidaymaker who appreciates this and comes to terms with the Corona rules will get to know the Balearic Island from a whole new angle.


Mallorca Covid-19: Lively operation in the marinas - no mask obligation
The marinas are busy, at a distance and on the water you are safe from COVID-19.
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