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Croatian Ministry publishes list: Owners who have not paid permit fee, threatened with forced deregistration from the register of ships

Ship register Croatia: Forced deregistration threatens if no permit has been paid for the ship, boat or yacht for 2 years.
The Croatian Ministry publishes on the Internet the list of vessels threatened with compulsory deregistration from the Register of Shipping for non-payment of permit fees.

Owners whose ships, boats or yachts are registered under the Croatian flag and who have not paid the fees due for the permit in the last two years are threatened from October 2021 with compulsory deregistration or deletion of their ships, boats or yachts from the Croatian shipping register. The responsible ministry has published a list specifically for this on the Internet, which can be reached via this Link. On the island of Krk alone, 483 entries are listed there. Owners are therefore well advised to take a look through the table, which is unfortunately only available in Croatian.

Deletion from the ship register with far-reaching consequences

Once the deletion has been carried out, the watercrafts can be re-registered only through the administrative process of the first registration. This involves compliance with all new regulations and technical standards, without any exceptions. A procedure that can cost not only a lot of nerves, but in the worst case, a significant amount of money and may well drag on for a long time.

Table/List now online

Entered in the table is not only the boat name, registration number and boat identification number (NIB), but also whether the mail (invoice) has been delivered (Otpremljen), returned due to undeliverability (Vraćen) or not paid in full (Nepotpuno plaćen).

Inquiries directly to the Ministry

Further, it should be noted that owners with Croatian boat registration must still pay the permit, require a letter recipient/authorized representative with a Croatian address, and are generally bound by Croatian regulations. An email for any queries has been provided by the Ministry: .

Renew technical review according to latest regulations

The problem with an initial registration is a detailed technical review. In most cases, depending on the year of construction of the vessel, boat or yacht, this renewed inspection is carried out according to the regulations currently in force, not only in the water but also on dry land. Especially for older boats and with regard to the newer, current regulations, which are due to the advancing environmental protection, it will be difficult for the owners to comply with all regulations – starting from the bilge pump to fire extinguishers or rescue equipment for the entire crew.

Problem EU Declaration of Conformity

A major hurdle is also the EU Declaration of Conformity, which is mandatory at registration but was not mandatory for boat manufacturers until after 1998.

If this is not available in the original when applying for initial registration, because it was lost or not issued at all, the boat owner must either reapply for the certificate from the manufacturer or apply for recertification at the relevant port captain’s office (sometimes not possible at the branch office) or at the Croatian Register of Shipping. The waiting time for an appointment is up to three months, costs are currently unknown. However, it is likely to be decisive whether the application/certification is made at the ship registry or at the port capitanerie.

CE mark a problem with older boats

If the boat does not have a CE mark or cannot obtain this certification due to its age, it cannot be registered in the Croatian boat registry – in line with the EU regulation or national implementation of this regulation. Unfortunately, it is still unknown whether this regulation applies exclusively to commercially used boats or also includes private boats. However, this should not matter in the end, because for all those who find their boat, ship or yacht in the list, there is an urgent need for action in any case.

Translated excerpt from Croatian ship register

Here is the translated excerpt from the Regulation on the keeping of the register of ships, the maximum permissible age and technical requirements for registration in the register of ships (NN 013/2020).

Article 51:

(1) Boats and yachts up to 24 meters in length, manufactured before June 16, 2000, may not be entered in the Register of Shipping, unless they are in accordance with the applicable requirements of Directive 94/25 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 June 2000. 1994 on the harmonization of the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States relating to recreational craft.

Also foreign owners affected

Many foreign owners whose boats are permanently based in Croatia chose the Croatian flag after Croatia entered the EU, among other reasons, because the reflagging proved advantageous for them. Thus, shortly before Croatia’s entry into the EU, they still had the opportunity to pay a significantly lower import VAT. In addition, owners sailing under the Croatian flag can enjoy the use of local berths in some city harbors. Another reason: those who have recently purchased a boat from a Croatian or a Croatian company, for example, usually stayed with the Croatian flag for convenience.

Don’t forget the boat MOT

At this point it should be pointed out again that, as SeaHelp already reported, Croatia is implementing the strict EU regulations to the greatest extent possible and transposing them into national law, see here our contribution to the MOT which now also those who have been exempted from it until now must carry out by the end of the year.

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