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New regime for vessels flying the Croatian flag: Croatia extends the boat TÜV

SeaHelp informs: New regulation for ships under Croatian flag
From now on also smaller boats in Croatia have to pass the "TÜV", as now announced by the Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure. The change, however, only applies to vessels flying the Croatian flag. Owners of ships under Austrian or German flag are not affected by these changes. Since the new rules are certainly safety-relevant regulations, all owners should actually think about the safety equipment on board and see the Croatian new rules as a kind of checklist.

What has changed for owners under Croatian flag? The permanent boat registration (without TÜV) has been cancelled without replacement. All those who previously had a permanent registration must now apply for regular technical inspection of their boat. If it is older than ten years, the application must be submitted by 31.12.2021. Boats between five and ten years must be submitted to the TÜV by 31.12.2023 at the latest. New boats, i.e. not older than five years, have until 31.12.2025 before the first technical inspection must take place.

To be on the safe side, SeaHelp advises all owners to use the Link to start a query. The search mark stored there can be switched to the German language. All you have to do is select the type of boat and enter the marker, then you can check in the database whether and when an application for technical inspection is to be made.

The categorisation and, in some cases, the responsibility has also changed. For boats up to 15 metres in length (previously up to 12 metres), each port authority branch is now originally responsible, which should ultimately facilitate both registration and inspections. For all yachts from 15 metres to 24 metres in length, responsibility lies exclusively with the eight main port authorities.

SeaHelp informs: Boots Tüv in Croatia now also mandatory for smaller boats.
Easy to find: The Croatian boat papers contain the data relevant for the query.

Thus, at least for ships flying the Croatian flag, the authorities attach more importance to equipment details such as bilge pumps, life jackets, etc.! The main focus of the new regulation is especially in the areas of environmental protection and safety, both topics that should be of particular concern to recreational skippers. Following this article, SeaHelp has created a table with the current equipment requirements.

At the same time, the driving ranges have also changed slightly:

Travel area I – includes international voyage (worldwide voyage) on all seas and waters accessible by sea.

Travel area II – includes international voyage (worldwide voyage) on all seas and waters accessible by sea with the limitation up to 20 NM distance from the nearest mainland or island.

Travel area III(remained unchanged) – includes international voyage (worldwide voyage) on all seas and waters accessible by sea with the limitation of the distance up to 12 NM from the nearest mainland or island. For fishing boats over 7 meters in length, this includes territorial waters and the Ecological-Fishing Protection Zone of the Republic of Croatia.

There may be the following limitations in travel area III:

IIIa – up to 6 NM from the mainland or islands

IIIb – up to 3 NM from the mainland or islands

IIIc – up to 1 NM from the mainland or islands

Travel area IV – includes sailing within ports, bays, estuaries and rivers as far as they are navigable from the sea side.

Legally required equipment for vessels flying the Croatian flag.

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Here you can download the table as PDF. (You can select the language for the table)
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