Croatia: Forced deregistration of boats & yachts if permit fee not paid

Croatia has removed the handsome number of 6,363 boats and yachts whose owners have not paid the Permit Fees for the Safety of Navigation and Protection of the Seas for the years 2020 and 2021 from the Croatian Boat Register through forced deregistration. The decision, implemented as of December 18, 2021, is based on Article 192, paragraph 3 of the...

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Ship register Croatia: Forced deregistration threatens if no permit has been paid for the ship, boat or yacht for 2 years.

Owners whose ships, boats or yachts are registered under the Croatian flag and who have not paid the fees due for the permit in the last two years are threatened from October 2021 with compulsory deregistration or deletion of their ships, boats or yachts from the Croatian shipping register. The responsible ministry has published a list specifically for this on...

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Permit: Opening hours and phone numbers of the capitaneries in Croatia in table form!

The extremely welcome, but yet quite sudden elimination of the quarantine regulations for Austrian citizens returning from Croatia, will probably have triggered a real run on the Croatian marinas before the upcoming long weekend. Many boat and yacht owners want to acquire just quickly the Croatian permit, in order to undertake still on Thursday a first exit. However, they should...

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SeaHelp service anchor ropes free for members: Anchor gets caught in mooring chain

The situation in the nautical sector in Croatia seems to be developing much more positively than it is commonly portrayed in public: The SeaHelp rescue boats already had to go out again before Easter to provide assistance to skippers and are currently recording more missions day by day. This "perceived, subjective impression" of increased activity on the water is also...

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Online payment of tourist tax for skipper on a boat or yacht in 2021

Correction: Due to a transmission or translation error, the first version of this article communicated that the payment of the tourist tax for the complete year can still be paid at the port captains. This is not correct, from April 4, the tourist tax for skippers can be paid exclusively online. We apologize. The Croatian National Tourist Board radiates confidence...

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Croatia: Long queues for permit and tourist tax at the port authorities

Even if one might be inclined to throw some precautionary measures overboard due to the anticipation of the summer holidays that are about to start, the COVID 19 pandemic is far from over, as hot spots of new infections in Germany, Austria and Croatia show. And because the virus itself does not take a holiday, holidaymakers should continue to protect...

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