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SeaHelp Membership: New boat? Customize your membership!

New boat? Customize membership!

A SeaHelp membership offers comprehensive all-round protection for almost all problems that can befall a skipper and his crew. Anyone who has sold his old boat and bought a new yacht, or sports skippers who want to change the cruising area with their boat, should immediately register with SeaHelp..

Whether towing assistance, starting assistance, fuel service, spare parts delivery, free towing in case of light grounding, freeing lines in the propeller, passenger transport, weather and district advice to telephone support in medical emergencies, the nautical breakdown service is available to its members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with advice and assistance.

However, this only applies if the boat owners have also indicated the actual boat size as part of their membership, and if they have noted the actual cruising area in their registration documents. Especially in cases of boat change, i.e. when the old boat is sold and a new (or different, especially: larger) boat is purchased, the membership must be adapted to the new yacht, otherwise restrictions on all-round protection may be threatened.

Quite simple: scan the boat certificate and send the new boat data by mail to SeaHelp

The easiest way to adjust SeaHelp membership to the new boat is to email a scan of the new boat slip to In addition to the contact information and membership number, it should also indicate whether the boat is the first boat or, if applicable, a second boat for which additional membership is needed.

Please also inform us about the sale of the old boat. If there is no possibility for a scan, the boat data can also be sent informally by e-mail to SeaHelp. A (high resolution) cell phone photo of the boat slip in good, legible quality can also be considered in this case.

A SeaHelp membership is based on the boat, so the boat length must be correctly stated

It should be noted that SeaHelp membership is not based on the owner, but on the boat. Especially with the Standard and Smartpass, it can therefore happen that with incorrect or incomplete information, the free services of SeaHelp can not be used under certain circumstances.

For example, it is mandatory that the specified boat length matches the details of the boat registration (boat document), otherwise the boat owner risks high costs in the event of an intervention (otherwise free for members).

If a larger boat was purchased, the SeaHelp member will be sent a difference invoice

In case of a change to a bigger boat (higher boat category), the SeaHelp member will simply receive a difference invoice sent to him/her, which is valid for the period from the beginning of the announcement until the joining date of the next renewal.

By the way: with the PremiumPass, besides the person (up to the booked boat length) and the deposited boat (no matter who steers it), is a member; therefore it is also important with the PremiumPass that all deposited data are correct.

Who would like to look in advance, which kind of the membership in relation to boat size and cruising area comes into question, calculates its possible contribution quite easily with the SeaHelp contribution calculator. Here you can also find all information about Charter, Standard, Smart and PremiumPass.


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24h EMERGENCY CALL EUROPE: 0043 50 43 112

In an emergency, SeaHelp’s response boats can be called using the handy SeaHelp app, or by calling the free emergency number for Europe 0043 50 43 112 (or the alternative emergency number for Europe 00385 919 112 112. Translated with (free version)

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