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Adjustment prices for SeaHelp membership from 1.1.2023

A SeaHelp membership offers comprehensive all-around protection for almost any problem that can befall a skipper and his crew. After the prices for a SeaHelp membership (standard, smart, premium and charter pass) could be kept stable over the last three years, they now have to be moderately adjusted at the turn of the year. "The last price adjustment was made...

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10% discount on SeaHelp membership

SeaHelp, the nautical breakdown service, is offering ten percent off the first year of membership at EMS-MARINE's so-called shopping days when water sports enthusiasts apply for a SeaHelp membership at the show. Water sports enthusiasts who want to take advantage of the many benefits of a SeaHelp membership and still save money should keep this date in mind: from March...

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All-round protection: free towing in the event of slight grounding

A SeaHelp membership offers comprehensive all-round protection for almost all problems that can befall a skipper and his crew. Even towing free in case of light grounding is free of charge with a SeaHelp membership. What needs to be considered if "land is bought" unintentionally and the yacht cannot be freed under its own power? Whether towing assistance, starting assistance,...

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SeaHelp jump start (Jump Start: free service for members)

Providing jump-start assistance when the on-board battery is discharged is one of the free services included in a SeaHelp membership. Not without reason, as can be seen from the SeaHelp breakdown statistics, because the number of jump-start requests has increased significantly in recent years. A clear distinction should be made between conventional car batteries and on-board batteries on ships, boats...

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Additional 30% "corona discount" for SeaHelp towage due to marina change

SeaHelp is currently receiving an increasing number of calls from members whose ships are in the Adriatic region. SeaHelp receives a variety of requests for assistance from owners who are unable to reach their vessels due to Coronavirus travel restrictions, ranging from simply checking on board to see if the tarpaulin is still in place to towing to another marina...

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SeaHelp boat Düsseldorf 2020 | New membership model

The new SeaHelp membership models were the main focus of the boot Düsseldorf. SeaHelp CEO Wolfgang Dauser: ”The possibility to find exactly the right tailor-made solution for oneself among several models is well received by our members, as was already more than clearly demonstrated at the leading water sports trade fair in Düsseldorf‟. According to Wolfgang Dauser, an above-average number...

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New memberships

SeaHelp has adjusted and broadened their service portfolio in compliance with the current requirements of their members. Besides the Owner’s and the Standard Pass, respectively, there is now the possibility to book an upgrade for additional services like for a Smart Pass or a Premium Pass which may be used free of charge within the scope of the SeaHelp membership.

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