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Light on board: atmospheric light in the cockpit in the evening

It gets really cozy in the cockpit in the evening when a lamp still spreads atmospheric light and is so bright that you can also read or together play. SeaHelp presents the most beautiful models. The classic brass oil lamp More maritime style hardly goes. The classic brass oil lamps, refilled with lamp oil, are unsurpassed in romance factor in...

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Art exhibition on the water, for World Oceans Day at UNESCO in Paris.

Artist Stefan Szczesny designed seventeen J/70 sails with the UN goals. They will be on display in front of the UNESCO headquarters for World Ocean Day in Paris, and before that they were on display at the opening event of the 2022 sailing league season on Hamburg's Außenalster. They immediately catch the eye. They are colorful, cheerful and striking. You...

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Christmas gifts for sailors: books that sailors will be happy about

With the lighting of the first Advent candle, we have started the countdown to Christmas. In around four weeks' time, we want to present our loved ones and everyone we want to make happy for Christmas with carefully wrapped gifts. A gift that is guaranteed to arrive and be used for a long time. SeaHelp has taken a look at...

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