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SeaHelp test: Anchor buoy Grippy-Heavy

The Italian company PME Mare, specialised in mooring technologies since two decades now, has made quite a name for itself in this area. The latest products of the creative minds at PME for leisure skippers: Anchor buoy Grippy Heavy and mooring buoy Clik Easy for anchorage. But which benefits do they really provide? Is their purchase really worth while? Which...

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SeaHelp tip: check anchor buoys

Does it hold or does it not? This was the question for a SeaHelp member last year mooring in a buoy field in the Uvala Podbucina in the area of Kakan island. He documented the buoy’s condition and passed the information on to SeaHelp which, finally, was the deciding factor for our article ”First check, then tie down‟. As the...

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