Croatia soon Schengen member?

When does Croatia join the Schengen area, so that the congestion end at the border, we asked at this point back on 10.2.2022, because: because Croatia is currently not yet part of the Schengen area, the traffic at the border with Slovenia is still partially jammed for several kilometers.. Now, however, momentum may finally be building, as the EU Council...

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Accession of Croatia to the Schengen area in 2022? No more traffic jams at the borders?

When will the annoying border controls at the Slovenian-Croatian Schengen border, which are often associated with kilometer-long traffic jams, be abolished for all tourists traveling to Croatia with their own cars in 2022? The answer to this pressing question probably occupies most Croatian vacationers even in 2022. SeaHelp, based on many different publications, has obtained information directly from the EU...

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Austria: Austrian politicians demand PCR test on entry from Croatia

Austria is once again stirring up trouble for travelers to the Adriatic, as the Austrian Ministry of Health is publicly and effectively considering tightening entry regulations in the form of a mandatory PCR test. This should then also apply to vaccinated and recovered travelers returning from Croatia. The reason: 322 Corona infections were detected within one week in Spain-returners, 186...

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Border controls Slovenia: Rip-off at entry Croatia at controls

Chaos at the Slovenian-Croatian border last weekend: While the Croatian border guards were almost overly meticulous about the new entry requirements to Croatia (tested-vaccinated-genuine, SeaHelp reported) and ensured kilometer-long traffic jams with waiting times of up to six hours, returnees from Croatia were downright ripped off at the Croatian-Slovenian border and asked to pay by the Slovenians. Croatia returnees ripped...

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Coronavirus: entry ban in Croatia - borders tight

Coronavirus - as the German Foreign Office announced today, Croatia has closed its borders. How long the measure will last has not yet been clarified. However, so far unconfirmed news is that the majority of hotels will probably not open until 1 June 2020 because of the Coronavirus. This date is initially subject to reservations. SeaHelp offers its members a...

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EU giving Croatia credit for the protection of the Schengen external borders

Will the borders between Croatia and Slovenia belong to the past soon? The chances are not bad as Croatia's admission to the Schengen Area seems to be imminent. ”I would like to compliment Croatia for its efforts and its perseverance on the fulfilment of all the necessary requirements for its entry into Schengen‟, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently declared...

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