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Interview on the Corona situation in Istria / Croatia

In the region of Istria, the tourism situation is currently much better than in the rest of Croatia due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Corona) caused by SARS-CoV-2. While, according to available reports, hardly any foreign tourists can be identified in the southern parts of the country, Istria has already reached 54% of the previous year's figures. The reasons are obvious:...

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Coronavirus: empty sea in Slovenia - view from Hotel Bernadin

In the course of the corona pandemic, many have focused on Croatia, but the situation in Slovenia, actually only used for transit from Austria to Croatia, has remained largely neglected. The SeaHelp editorial team asked about the current restrictions in the country, whether at least transit is easy and whether work is being done in the marinas. The contradictory situations...

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Croatia plans to open borders after Coronavirus Lockdown already on May 11th - also yacht owners can then go to their yachts

In a speech today, the Croatian Prime Minister presented Plenković in a detailed three-phase plan how he envisages the opening of his country after the lockdown due to the coronavirus SARS-COVID 19. According to initial information, this multi-stage plan envisages that tourist facilities, which apparently also means marinas, will reopen by 11 May at the latest, provided the corona situation...

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