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SeaHelp continues towing: No ship traffic on the way to the Novigrad Marina due to COVID-19

Everyday life in Corona times: SeaHelp Marina - Marina towing for owners
With no shipping traffic in the Croatian Adriatic Sea in the Istrian region, SeaHelp helps yacht owners transfer their vessels by sea.
The days when SeaHelp reported traffic jams at marina entrances and transit berths in Croatian marinas and city harbours were in short supply are something that all friends of this unique area remember with nostalgia. But the statements of the political leaders give hope that the entry restrictions due to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will be lifted soon. And let's be honest: For most skippers, the water sports season only really starts at the beginning of June anyway, when the Adriatic Sea again offers correspondingly pleasant bathing temperatures. Until then, SeaHelp staff still have a lot of work to do, because many skippers want to move their yachts to other marinas, but can't do it personally because of entry restrictions. This is where the SeaHelp team comes in and offers help to owners in the Adriatic Sea area to transfer their vessels competently and safely to the new marina on the way across the sea.

Help for yacht-owners

A SeaHelp spokesperson: “Often, yacht owners have already booked services at the new marina that they would like to take advantage of before the upcoming start of the water sports season. We offer assistance in towing them to the new marina by sea in the Croatian Adriatic, acting as an extension of the local owner’s arm in times of COVID-19”.

Calm sea – also in terms of shipping traffic

Yet SeaHelp’s maritime forces in the Adriatic Sea are in the enviable position of being almost alone. Only a few ships from government agencies cross their path every now and then. In the marinas that they pass on their way from Pula to Novigrad, the first yachts are being prepared for the upcoming season, but apart from that there is still some peace and quiet.

Marina Novigrad – everything safe

This also applies to the Novigrad Marina. When the SeaHelp towing team arrives, there are marineros on site to take over the new yacht and moor it properly. The Marina Rovinj is situated in a quiet and peaceful spot in the spring sun. Here, too, people are preparing for the imminent border openings and expect a rush of owners who can hardly wait to get their yacht back into service.

Corona times: Marina Novigrad is unusually empty
It is unusually empty even when mooring in Novigrad – only the workers at the marina who receive the SeaHelp towing service ensure safety.

Adriatic Marinas: Turnover missing

A SeaHelp survey of Croatian marinas showed that they too are naturally suffering from the current situation: Sharply declining sales in service operations, closed café bars and restaurants, a partial lack of overnight guests where such facilities are offered and, of course, the loss of transit berths are already making themselves felt in the cash register. At the same time, the yachts in the marinas and on the dry berths demand much more attention than if the owners were on site.

Towing service to be continued

“In April and May, heavy rain or bora is always to be expected, so we have to take special care of the yachts entrusted to us,” says a Marina employee. Members who are thinking about changing marinas can still contact Europe’s leading breakdown service at sea, the towing service will continue.

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