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Boat summer vacation: Seven dreamlike island destinations far from the tourist crowds

Yacht charter: Seven dreamlike island destinations off the beaten track
Photo: SamBoat | © Shutterstock (546950464)

Lust for a special vacation away from the many tourists on Mallorca, Gran Canaria and Co? For those who decide at short notice, SeaHelp names seven somewhat quieter destinations not far from the most popular vacation islands in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Malta. The suitable boat insurance gives it of the SeaHelp Insurance inexpensive in addition.

Who it is in the usual vacation destinations too crowded or too noisy, or who has once desire on a new boat area – and who would like to undertake a vacation with the own or chartered boat still in this summer – for which the on-line boat rental platform SamBoat has five tips ready.

The best part: for all the vacation islands mentioned, there are cheap boat and charter insurances from the SeaHelp Insurance – a service offered by the leading organization that has been providing roadside assistance and other services to the European recreational marine industry on the water since 2005.

1. La Graciosa, Spain: Unspoiled beauty in the Chinijo archipelago

The Canary Island of La Graciosa is part of the Chinijo Archipelago nature reserve and delights visitors mainly with its unique flora and fauna. In particular, the miles of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters invite you to swim, snorkel and dive. The most popular beaches are Playa de las Conchas in the north-west and Playa de la Cocina and Playa Francesa in the south of the small island.

In the capital Caleta de Sebo, with its colorful houses and small streets, visitors will find many restaurants, cafes and stores selling local products and handmade souvenirs. Active vacationers can explore La Graciosa on their own by renting bikes or quads, hiking to various beaches and viewpoints, and taking boat tours to discover the surrounding islands and bays.

With its pristine beaches, tranquil atmosphere and opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life, it is a perfect place for nature lovers and travelers seeking tranquility – a real jewel of the Canary Islands.


Garajonay towards La Fortaleza with La Palma in the background - Spain
View from Garajonay towards La Fortaleza with La Palma in the background, Garajonay National Park, La Gomera, Spain Photo: SamBoat | © Terefere –


2. Liparic Islands/Aeolian Islands, Italy: Natural Volcanic Islands

Located north off the coast of Sicily, the Lipari Islands in the Ionian Sea offer the perfect conditions for a vacation away from the turbulent tourist crowds. The predominantly natural group of islets, consisting of 20 small islands, offers the only volcanic islands in the region.

The Stromboli volcano is still active today. The natural spectacle of lava, sparks, smoke and ash can best be marveled at from the water. Due to their uniqueness, the Lipari Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A real insider tip is the main island Lipari. Touristically, there is more going on here than on the neighboring islands, because there are some restaurants, bars and hotels. The most beautiful corner of the island is the bay of Canneto, in front of which many yachts as well as smaller boats anchor.


Charter yacht Italy
Italy Photo: SamBoat | © Shutterstock (552162298)


3. Skiathos, Greece: natural paradise with vibrant charm

The small Greek island of Skiathos is a paradise for nature and beach lovers. With its breathtaking scenery and some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, it attracts sailors, boaters and sun worshippers alike.

Skiathos Town, the charming capital of the island, impresses with its picturesque harbor, lively promenades, bars, cafes, tavernas and boutiques. The architecture of the islet with narrow streets, numerous white houses and plenty of rustic blue doors creates a picturesque atmosphere.

Skiathos’ diverse landscape includes mountains, dense forests and wine and olive growing areas. The island is known for its more than 60 sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and a variety of water sports. From secluded beaches in the north to the popular beaches in the south, Skiathos has something for everyone.

Skiathos is an ideal destination for bathers, water sports enthusiasts, romantics, culture lovers as well as hikers and is a worthwhile alternative to the better known Greek islands.


Charter yacht Greece
Greece Photo: SamBoat


4. Île de Porquerolles, France: seaside vacation without car noise

The French Mediterranean island Île de Porquerolles is the first port of call for all travelers seeking undisturbed peace and nature. For swimming, vacationers best head to the Plage d’Argent in the west or the Plage de la Courtade in the east of the island. The southern coast of the island, on the other hand, is framed by cliffs and offers unique views of the sea and the landscape of the small islet, which is part of the Hyères group.

To explore it by land, the best option is to rent a bicycle, as Porquerolles is completely car-free. Once you have explored Île de Porquerolles, you should definitely head for the ports of Toulon, Le Lavandou or La Londe-Les Maures. In addition to numerous beautiful beaches, pretty little villages with restaurants, bars, hotels and boutiques, sights such as lighthouses, churches and fortresses from the time of Napoleon III are waiting for vacationers there.


Charter yacht France
France Photo: SamBoat | © Shutterstock (218922847)


5th Gozo, Malta: relaxed atmosphere and historical treasures

A sister island to Malta, Gozo charms with a laid-back atmosphere and ruins dating back to the Neolithic Age. The capital, Victoria, is home to the impressive Citadel, while Fungus Rock, an uninhabited small island, is ideally accessible by boat. The fabled Ġgantija temples, are a notable archaeological highlight.

Gozo’s coastline is dotted with picturesque bays and beaches, including Ramla Bay, San Blas Bay and Xlendi Bay. Divers and snorkelers explore the stunning underwater worlds, while hikers explore the hills and fields.

Malta’s little sister is known for its agricultural products such as olive oil, wine and cheese, which can be purchased in local stores and markets. The island’s traditional cuisine feeds travelers with fresh, local ingredients, including seafood and typical Maltese specialties. Gozo offers classic hotels as well as a selection of traditional country cottages for an authentic stay on the island.


Charter yacht Malta
Malta Photo: SamBoat


6th Porto Santo, Portugal: A dream destination for relaxation and beach lovers

This idyllic island in the Atlantic Ocean invites you to dream and relax. With a nine-kilometer-long beach and a temperate climate, Porto Santo offers a pleasant atmosphere all year round. The capital, Vila Baleira, delights with historical sights, such as the Columbus House and the church Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Piedade.

Travelers have the opportunity to participate in various festivals and activities throughout the year, including boat tours and water sports. Golf lovers will get their money’s worth at the Porto Santo Golfe course. The island also offers numerous viewpoints and scenic beauty spots to discover.


Charter yacht Portugal
Portugal Photo: SamBoat | © Shutterstock (429227431)


7th Elba, Italy: picturesque beauty and culinary delights

With gorgeous beaches, picturesque bays, green hills and charming villages, Elba is a paradise for nature lovers and epicures. Travelers sample delicious homemade ice cream and enjoy tasty food made with local ingredients in the numerous small eateries.

On Mount Capanne, vacationers can enjoy a breathtaking panorama, while the popular Padulella beach invites snorkeling. The small cafés are the ideal place to start the day with a delicious breakfast, and in the evening selected aperitifs are served here.

Those who prefer a more cosmopolitan and luxurious atmosphere can enjoy a few carefree hours in one of the beach clubs along the Maltese sandy beaches. Further inland, a selection of different wineries awaits guests, who regularly invite guests to wine tastings. For those who want to spend time on the water, take a relaxing boat trip along the coast to the surrounding islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, optionally on a privately rented boat.


Yacht charter SamBoat
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